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September 18, 2022

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At Seawell We Value All...We Are Committed to All...Believe in All...and Lead with the Heart!!!

Greetings Seawell Seahawk Families,

This week we will continue to embrace the learning and hum of students engaging in their work throughout our campus. As the seasons change and our landscape transforms, so do our students as they begin to collaborate and work together to form the beautiful fabric of our Seawell Seahawk community. The first weeks of school can include a flurry of information that is often either unread or easily forgotten in the hectic rhythm of a busy day!

To that end, I would like to share some important updates and reminders:

This week we will participate in Start with Hello Week, a project that reminds us of the importance of embracing everyone in our learning community. A focus of this effort is also to empower students to support individuals who may feel socially isolated, 'unseen'. We appreciate your support with this project and note that each day invites our students and staff to reach out in different ways. If you feel that your child is not thriving socially, know that we have people resources and supports to help. Simply reach out to your child's teacher or our school counselor, Ms. Tonya Jackson ( for assistance.

Hispanic Heritage Month (fr Dr. Hamlett's Weekly Update)

Thank you to those of you that have shared your culture and heritage with us! We look forward to continuing to celebrate, uplift, and amplify the voices, contributions, and heritage of our Latinx students, families, and staff. Our Latinx community is encouraged to share stories and culture by filling out this form in writing, or making a video and submitting it in the form. #Estamosaqui

Car Rider Line

AM Kiss and Go - please remember to have students ready to exit the car when you enter the line. It truly assists in making sure that we are as efficient as possible. Note that staff begins unloading at 7:25 and stop at the tardy bell, 7:50

PM - New Cone System for afternoon pick-up (more info below)

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  • News from the PTA

    • Join the PTA for just $10 per person or sponsor a Seawell teacher or staff member for only $5 by clicking on the MemberHub link. As a PTA member there is no obligation to attend the PTA meetings or volunteer. We welcome other family members too, such as grandparents, to become PTA members, too!

    • Volunteer with the PTA! There are several vacant positions, including PTA president. If interested in volunteering with the PTA, please send an email to

    • Next General PTA meeting will be Wednesday, Sept. 28 with the Open House (in person). Plan to attend!

    • Seawell Family Night on the Town: About once a month, Seawell plans a fundraising event at a local eatery or restaurant in the area. Seawell families are encouraged to visit there on a designated date, and the restaurant in turn donates a portion of sales from that day to the Seawell PTA! The first Seawell Family Night on the Town is scheduled for Thursday, September 22 at YoPop Frozen Yogurt (in the Timberlyne Shopping Center, 1129 Weaver Dairy Road, Suite V). Meet up with friends or bring your family for an after school snack or grab some dessert after dinner - all proceeds will support our school!

    • Sign up for Family Portraits! Please use this link here to sign up for a family portrait taken by local photographer Trevor Holman on October 8 and 9, 2022. Trevor will donate 50% of the proceeds directly to the Seawell PTA, so don't miss this opportunity to contribute to our school while creating family memories!

    • LIKE the Seawell PTA Facebook page.

    • LINK your Harris Teeter VIC Card online or at the cashier to enter school code #2543 the next time you shop.

SES COVID-19 Cases

Seawell had 9 positive COVID-19 cases during the week of September 12-16.

Families, please be sure to follow the following guidelines shared earlier this week in our district communication:

  • Masks: In general, CHCCS remains a mask-recommended, but optional district. Masks continue to be provided for students and staff upon request. Exceptions to this protocol are outlined on our website as well as the below paragraph about COVID-19 positive staff/students.
    • Also: Schools will no longer require masking in the entire building when there are clusters of 5+ positive cases in a small group or a cumulative total of 15+ positive cases in a school. More on this below.
  • Symptomatic Staff/Students - Will be required to provide*:
    • A negative PCR COVID-19 test, or
    • 2 negative Antigen (Rapid) tests separated 24 hours apart in order to return to work/school, or
    • An alternative diagnosis from a primary care provider.
    • *This is not for individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19. This is to prove that the COVID-like symptoms being experienced are not COVID-19. Individuals who choose not to test for COVID-19 or get an alternative diagnosis from their primary care provider are required to follow the COVID-19 positive staff/students guidance.
  • COVID-19 positive Staff/Students - Must quarantine for 5 days and can return on day 6 as long as they are free of vomiting, diarrhea, and fever without the use of medication and all COVID-19 like symptoms are improving (they do not need to be resolved). The individual needs to continue to wear a mask at work/school while indoors for an additional 5 days after returning. Please contact your school nurse for additional information and guidance on returning to work/school.

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Start With Hello Week!!! September 19-23

Monday: Say Hey Monday

Activity: Start with Hello. Speak to someone you don’t know during the day. Tell them your name and something about you.

Tuesday: Thank Someone Tuesday

Activity: Thank someone today for any kind deeds/gestures or give compliments/encouragement to someone. Look for ways to help.

Wednesday: Wear Green Wellness Wednesday

Attire: Students and staff will be encouraged to wear green to raise awareness for Mental Health and Wellness.


Thursday: T-shirt Thursday

Activity: Students are encouraged to wear their favorite t-shirt that represents something that you care about. During morning meeting or circle time, students will have the opportunity to share about their shirts.

Friday: Seahawk Unity Day

Activity: Wear school colors blue and white to show our unity.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. We look forward to celebrating Start With Hello week with you all and hope this is just one more way students can feel like they are a part of the Seawell Community.


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September 19-23 Start with Hello Week!!!

September 22

Family Night at Yo Pop Frozen Yogurt

September 26
  • Teacher Workday

September 28

  • School Picture Day
  • Open House@ 5:30pm
  • PTA Meeting

Classroom Corner

Classroom Celebrations - Birthday, etc.

  • All classroom celebrations/events will be non-food celebrations.

  • Other food celebrations during the school day may be requested when the food-based activity is specifically tied to curriculum objectives and served as a community snack.
  • Classes will not participate in birthday "parties" with decorations, cakes, cupcakes, etc. Non-food items will be shared with all students in the class, as will invitations that may be sent in.

ARC is our Literacy Program utilized in grades K-5:

One Comprehensive Solution for Transformative Literacy, Grades K–12

ARC Core meets the literacy needs of all students in English and Spanish in any learning environment. Through extensive reading, writing, research, and analysis, students develop agency and expertise in a wide variety of disciplines, preparing them to lead in a changing world. (

Teachers utilize both print and digital reading resources to align reading instruction and facilitate literacy instruction via ARC Literacy Labs, six week units of study .

Car Rider Update: Cones System


  • Please note that we will now operate utilizing a cone system to better designate advancing cars for student afternoon pickup
  • There will be six numbered/colored cones and request that parents pull up to the farthest empty cone during afternoon pickup (Staff members will guide you)
  • Also, due to the varied student release times - please use your left signal to alert drivers behind you that you are pulling out of the line after your child has been loaded

The biggest change is that you will now be directed to pull to the next empty cone for pickup versus having to go to the very top of the pickup line. If your child is already loaded and the car in front of you is still waiting; you will use your left signal and proceed to exit the line instead of waiting for the car in front to load/leave.

We appreciate your patience in advance as we work to make our systems more efficient, while still keeping students and families safe.


Please call Seawell at 919.967.4343 ext 33201 or email to report absences and tardies.

Educational leave for students must be requested at least ten days in advance utilizing this form.