Weekly Wellness Update

Week of March 22-26 - Support For Social Media

Mindful Social Media Use

Over six years ago, the focus of one of my blog posts was the effect of social media on mental health. Recently, in listening to a podcast the topic again became relevant, and this post will revisit the phenomenon of social media and its effects.
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Seniors and the Positive Impact of Social Media

Older adults who have had positive experiences on social media have reported elevated moods. An American Psychological Association (APA) study found that seniors who spend time on social media sites were more likely to participate in activities that can lead to greater health, such as cooking healthier recipes, and finding easier ways to clean and maintain their homes. The study also indicates that they have lower blood pressure and fewer instances of diabetes, and less negative health habits such as smoking, depression, or disease. This is attributed to the ability for self-education on any number of topics, and remaining in-the-know about the latest technology trends.
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