Blending the Lines

Blending books and technology to form our Educational Lines.

Sparkman 9th Grade School Library-Media Center

Volume 1: August - October 2013

Librarian: Alison Madison

I am a Teacher-Librarian and Media Specialist. I read. I search. I share. I blog.

I am passionate about...

  • Books - hand-held and digital
  • Reading YA Literature
  • Instructional Technology
  • Gadgets, gizmos, and educational apps
  • Helping high school students discover all of the above

I Believe that School Libraries are Innovative and Irreplaceable.

Where Old School Meets New School

We are a 21st Century Library

Books + Technology

Reading + Research

Hand-held + Digital

Digital Citizenship + Information Literacy

Shhh! Librarians Break the Silence

Now, more than ever, librarians are needed to manage content and curriculum based resources in schools. No matter the format, hand-held, digital, or electronic, librarians are needed to not only manage and distribute hand-held and digital technology resources, but we are also needed to provide professional development opportunities for our teachers on new technologies and innovative teacher-student resources. It is imperative that stakeholders and educational leaders understand that 21st Century librarians are at the forefront of educational technology initiatives and resources. We truly are Librarians AND Media Specialists. Not only do we support reading in all formats, but we also support the Common Core Standards based curriculum, and we give technology support to faculty and staff. All in all, it is important to understand and acknowledge that devices and digital content cannot replace a librarian or his/her library. Devices and digital content are simply a few of the components found in the 21st Century Library and managed by the 21st Century Library-Media Specialist.

--Alison Madison

"Google can bring you back 100,000 answers. A librarian can bring you back the right one." Neil Gaiman

Welcome Class of 2017!

New Beginnings

"Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall."

--F. Scott Fitzgerald. The Great Gatsby.

Fitzgerald's quote is certainly fitting for our school and our library. S9GS is a very special place to be a Freshman, especially when each batch of new students gets to experience our library for the first time--new books, new computers, and a new perspective on gathering and seeking information. Whether reading for pleasure or searching with an educational purpose, it is important that our students understand the role of the school library. This understanding begins on day 1 with the S9GS Library-Media Center Student Guidelines and Policies. These guidelines jump start our students to utilizing the library to its fullest potential.

So, welcome to YOUR library Class of 2017! Your library is a place to Peruse, Reflect, Invent, Dream, Wander, Wonder, Relax, Enjoy, Think, Imagine, Browse, Seek, Explore, Care, Share, and Smile!

iMac Invasion

Thanks to board members and community leaders, the library is rocking out with new technology. S9 students have 16 iMacs to use at their leisure for school projects and research. When students walk in the library, they are ecstatic about these new machines. Sleek, new, and innovative, the iMacs are just what these teens need to discover and create as 21st Century Learners.

A Novel Affair

Readers unite in the library!

The library will be hosting Mrs. Knight's Literature and Novels elective class this school year. Why? Because the class is filled with 40+ book-loving readers. And hey! The library is the perfect spot for these eager readers to browse, peruse, and read for fun. These students love a good book!

Banned Books Week: September 22 - 28, 2013

Banned Books Week is sponsored by the American Library Association (ALA). Each year, ALA's Office of Intellectual Freedom compiles a list of the top ten most frequently challenged books ( This year, they are celebrating 30 years of the freedom to read.

During Banned Books Week, Mrs. Knight's Literature and Novels class visited the library to research and learn more about censorship and intellectual freedom. We discussed books on the frequently banned and challenged lists, and the students began working on a Poster Project for Banned Books Week.

Banned Books Week is a great opportunity for students to understand and appreciate their freedom to read. For more information on Banned Books Week visit

Banned Books Week on Display

Mrs. Knight's Lit/Novels class displays their BBW research findings.

Teen Read Week: Seek the Unknown @ Your Library! #TRW13

Teen Read Week (#TRW13) is all about reading for fun. Sponsored by the Young Adult Library Association (YALSA), Teen Read Week is all about encouraging teens to take advantage of reading in all forms - books and magazines, e-books, audiobooks and more!

TWR13 was October 13 - 19. This year's theme was...

SEEK THE UNKNOWN @ your library! If reading "takes you out of this world," then #trw13 has got you covered.

The library sponsored its 7th Annual Door Sign Competition!

This year, students were asked to decorate classroom doors by taking us out into the unknown! It was such a great way for our students to Blend the Lines! Sci-fi, fantasy, cyberspace! All of the participants did such an amazing job!


1st Place: Mrs. Mathheus's class for The Wizard of Oz

TRW13 Twitter Activities

During Teen Read Week, students sent tweets to @S9GS.

Monday, October 14th

Man Crush Monday: Tweet your favorite male character in a sci-fi/ fantasy fiction book to @S9GS. Use hashtags #mcm, #trw13

Tuesday, October 15th

Transformation Tuesday: Tweet your favorite book that has been made into a movie to @S9GS. Use hashtags #transformationtuesday, #bookstomovies, and #trw13.

Wednesday, October 16th

Woman Crush Wednesday: Tweet your favorite female character in a sci-/fantasy fiction book to @S9GS. Use hashtags #wcw, #trw13

Thursday, October 17th

Throw Back Thursday: Tweet your favorite sci-fi/fantasy children’s book to @S9GS. Use #tbt, #trw13

Friday, October 18th

“Whatcha Reading?” Tweet what you are reading this weekend to @S9GS. Use the popular hashtag #fridayreads. And don’t forget to include #trw13.

Here are a few #TRW13 Student and Teacher Tweets!

jennifer graham ‏@jenniferhgraham15 Oct

@S9GS choir door theme is the walking dead. Our door will win or choir kids will cause treble. Ha! #trw13 trash talk!

@S9GS #wcw favorite female character: RUE From The Hunger Games!! Oh and the door competition? Choir definitely will win.

@S9GS Harry Potter series #bookstomovies #transformationtuesday

Where are you John Green?

Looking for Alaska, An Abundance of Katherines, The Fault in Our Stars, Paper Towns... Where are you John Green? CHECKED OUT. THAT'S WHERE!

Your special shelf at the circulation desk is quite bare, and that is AWESOME because...

Somewhere, right now, a freshman is reading and falling in love with your written words.

Somewhere, right now, a freshman is becoming a Nerdfighter.

Somewhere, right now, a freshman just finished one of your books and cannot get to the library fast enough to read another. Your books create readers, John Green. And this high school librarian is proud to have your books "not on the shelf."

Taken from my blog,

Alison Madison

Remembering Tom Clancy, April 12, 1947 - October 1, 2013

During the month of Ocotober, the S9 Library celebrated "military fiction" author Tom Clancy, his life and his work. Thank you for your literary contributions and for celebrating our military through your written words.


Recycle with Us

Not sure what to do with your used ink cartridges, old cell phones, and other electronics?

Donate them to the library, and help us earn cash for books and technology!

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Library Store

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Items for Sale

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