Sports in the 1920s

Recreation and Leisure for Canadians


Golf had been a very popular sport in the 1920s. In the past, Golf had been known to be exclusively for the upper class however it has appealed to the middle class as well by the 1920s. Sandy Somerville was Canada's outstanding amateur golfer in the 1920s. By 1919, Canada had about 100 golf courses and by 1925, Canada had 292 golf courses.

Horse Racing

Horse racing was one of the popular sports in the 1920s. The racers raced around the track like flying bullets leaving only their hoof prints behind in the dirt. Automobiles allowed people to travel all around the country to see the famous horses and their riders. The radio had allowed people who weren't able to afford to go see the show or people who didn't have the time to go to listen to the exciting races and be a part of the action and excitement. With the great war finally being over, there was more leisure time for people and this meant that there was more time to go and watch the races of the horse. With everyone going and joining the excitement, it has made horse racing as one of the most popular sports of the decade.

With the people of the 1920s, using automobiles became more common and this allowed them to travel far and wide to see the races. These tracks now didn't have to be close to where the people's homes were. With transportation being easily accessible, horse racing became more popular. The radio was also a new invention that allowed people who couldn't afford to go to the races to listen in on all the action. Horse racing was also a form of entertainment as it became very exciting to listen to the races on the radio and join in on the excitement. With people tuning in, the horses and riders received a large number of supporters. People even looked up to the horses with them being so well known. They became bigger than life hereos.

Horse racing was one of the sports where it became fun for not only the riders but also for the viewers too as the rich were able to place bets and money, and the excitement that comes along with it was just plain fun.

With the additional free time, horse racing has become one of the many pastimes that people loved to take part in during the 1920s.

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Ice Hockey

In the 1920s, hockey was a Canadian sport, and it instantly became popular in Canada. Hockey was considered to be Canada's national game, as the popularity of the sport increased. During the 1920s, NHL (National Hockey League) was formed for Canadian athletes. The NHL became an instant success as everyone loved watching hockey. After World War 1 ended, many individuals were excited to watch hockey. There was more leisure time for people after World War 1 ended. Hockey has become a sport that every Canadian loved. Hockey is considered to be part of a Canadian culture.
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Baseball had been another popular sport in the 1920s as it didn't cost that much to play and many people enjoyed watching it. With the new inventions that they had, a radio, people were able to hear the score and join in on the excitement if they didn't have time to go watch the game. It was the way to get information about the game. Many national newspapers in 1920s also began to have their own sports sections that is devoted to the game. Baseball was a fun game for people and many enjoyed watching it during their leisure time. It was a sport that got everyone excited.