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Mary Queen of Scots/WW1


Mary Queen of Scots,was a young and interesting ruler. Many rulers of that time were admired by their country, then again there were a few rulers who just shouldn't be rulers. Mary was defiantly a part of that party.


Mary Queen of Scots

At one point Mary took over four nations.These nations included-Scotland,France,England,and Ireland. Although she took over these kingdoms, Mary lacked what was most important, political skills. There was something else she lacked as well, relationship skills. Mary was not a very well behaved wife, you could tell this, because of her second and third marriage. Her second marriage ending in a murder scandal and the third, a forced abdication in favor of her infant son.

Mary spent many years running from the English. She ran to seek help from her cousin Elizabeth the First. In fact Mary was at one point captured, and spent somewhere around nineteen years in prison. Mary didn't really care for the nations that belonged to her. What she did care about was keeping herself away from the English for as long as possible.

Mary's Execution (February 8, 1587)

After a long life of running and ruling Mary was executed. She died in 1587 at forty-four years of age. Mary's execution took place at Fotheringhay Castle. After she died the governor of England order all of Marys belongings burned,never to be seen again. A few long years had passed, and Mary's son became king of England, but he claimed his spot on the thrown in 1603 and came to be known as King James 1.

WW1 1914-1918

World War 1, also known as the first global conflict, or "The Great War" began in late June of 1914 and pitted the Central Powers of, Germany, Austria, Hungary, and The Ottoman Empire against the Alied Forces of Great Britain, the U.S. , France, Russia, Italy, and Japan. Although many people already have knowledge of the war occurring they most likely do not know what instigated the first world war. The cause of WW1 was the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria. Franz was killed by Serbian nationalist Sarajevo Bonia. More than 25 countries eventually participated in this particular war.
An unrepresented level of carnage, and destruction props to grueling trench warfare and an introduction to modern weaponry such as machine guns, tanks, and chemical weapons this war wounded 21million soldiers and left 1 million dead.
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