Science Fair Tools

Tools that will help make you project a little easier.

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SweetSearch - SweetSearch is a search engine for students.

Every website in SweetSearch has been evaluated by research experts.

Databases you can use:

Mackin Via has connections to our district databases including Ebsco, Gale, and World Book Online. The Ebsco and Gale databases include resources like reference materials, biographical information, newspaper and magazine articles, primary source documents, photos, maps, and flags. World Book Online is an online encyclopedia similar to Wikipedia, however the information is written and verified by scholars and professionals.

To access Mackin Via your username is your student ID and your password is your birthday.

For this project, the best databases for you to use are Student Resources in Context, Science in Context, and Explora by Ebsco

Tools that you can use to help with your citations or bibliography:

Use these sites to help you cite your sources for your research paper!

You need to do your citations in MLA format!

Bib Me:

Easy Bib

Son of Ciation Machine:

Citation Tips: