what will canada look like in 2060.

Immagration Trends, Population Trends, First Nations

Immagration Trends.

1/5 foreign born Canadian, witch means they came from their homeland for a better life and a better future for themselves and their kids. An estimated 250,000 immigrants a year come to Canada. Canada has the most immigrant intake in the world and is the most diverse country in the world. Us Canadians take pride in Canada's diversity. An estimation of how many people will come by the year 2060 is 1125000. Many of the of the foreign born Canadians have been living in Canada for years.

Population Trends

The population growth rate in 2013 Canada is 1.2% every year. An estimated 420000 either come or are born in Canada each year witch means by the year 2060 Canada will grow an approximation 1890000 people.