Rainbow Boys

By Alex Sanchez


Small town, high school, 1990s-2000s

Point Of View

Third person omniscient


Three high school boys go through the struggle of inner conflicts and being discriminated against, because of their sexual orientation. Jason is a senior who has always been confused about how he feels, and kept on denying his attraction to guys, mostly because of his father. As he got older it got harder to ignore his feelings, and after a chain of events he started getting attracted to Kyle. He broke up with his girlfriend, but still hasn't come out to anyone except for Kyle. Kyle is also a senior, who has admitted his feelings a long time ago; however, he never told his parents until they found out themselves. Kyle has always been in love with Jason, and this is his chance to be with his love. Nelson is Kyle's best friend who is also gay, and he is very open about his sexual preferences; he's considered a freak at school and gets bullied a lot. Nelson is in love with Kyle, with whom he realized he doesn't have a chance. This book is about their journey to discovering themselves, opening up, learning from mistakes, and accepting who they are.


1. Person vs. Himself. Jason is in constant conflict with himself. He has mixed feelings about what gender he is attracted to and keeps on trying to deny his attraction to guys. He doesn't want to accept that he is gay/bisexual, but his feelings are becoming hard to ignore.

2. Person vs. Society. Jason, Nelson, and Kyle struggle with accepting themselves, because they go against the society's 'norms.' There is discrimination against homosexuals everywhere around them, making it hard to love who they are.


The theme of this book is to overcome your fears and be who you are; even if everyone else is against it. You have to face your true feelings and follow your heart.