Ignatian Education Seminar

1 Credit; Pass/Fail; 4x per Semester; Free Dinner

A chance to reflect: Take an Ignatian Seminar!

Registration for the Ignatian Education Seminar is now open for Fall 2019! The seminar is worth ONE CREDIT (pass/fail) and meets only 4 times per semester. It gives you the chance to reflect on your educational experience at Fordham over dinner or lunch with some of Fordham's best professors!

The seminar will allow you to explore what is distinctive about the Jesuit tradition of liberal arts education and to discuss its relevance for the modern world. It will also allow you to consider your own relationship to that tradition during your time at Fordham and the ways it might affect your life after graduation.

Instructors and Meeting Times


The classes are held in Alpha House, the Honors Program's building on campus. It's located between McGinley and Hughes!

Register for the Ignatian Seminar by searching "Honors Program--FCRH" on Banner. Course name is HPRH 3075. Choose the section (R01, R02 or R03) of your preference.

If you have any questions about the Ignatian Seminar, please email the Honors Administrator, Ava Gagliardi (agagliardi2@fordham.edu).