The DBQ Project Workshop

Secondary Teachers of Social Studies and ELA

What Is It?

The Document Based Question (DBQ) Project is an effort to make available high quality critical thinking exercises to all students. The program takes its inspiration from the document-based question that is a part of the history Advanced Placement tests given every May and is designed to support teachers and students in learning to read smart, critically think, and write more clearly. The lessons increase student engagement and address both content and literacy standards. With an emphasis on high-level critical thinking skills supported by materials that blend educational best practices and content-specific questions, transformational change will take place in students reading and writing skills. Participants will leave with their choice of a Social Studies subject area DBQ or a full DBQ binder (depending on amount paid).
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What to Expect

  • This workshop is designed to get teachers new to the DBQ pedagogy excited about the process. It is also reinvigorating for those teachers already steeped in DBQ experience.
  • Includes an overview of The DBQ Project 6-Step Method where teachers go through all the steps in a lively, interactive session.
  • Emphasizes the elements of a powerful DBQ essay and introduces teachers to writing supports they can use to promote strong, evidence-based writing.
  • Participants also spend time analyzing student work and norming student essays using our DBQ Project rubric.
  • For more formation about The DBQ Project


Monday, Aug. 13th, 8:30am-3:30pm

2413 West Maple Avenue

Flint, MI

  • Erwin L. Davis Education Center Room ABCD
  • 5 SCHECHs (pending approval)
  • Lunch Provided
  • Cost with subject area Full Teacher Resource Binder - $375
  • Cost with subject area One Full Example DBQ - $85
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