Upper Valley CC Teacher Academy

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This program includes several placements with local schools where students spend OVER 160 hours working with experienced classroom teachers, observing a variety of age groups and ability levels, including Early Childhood and Special Education. Course instruction is in child and adolescent development, learning theory, teaching techniques, and class-room management.

Every day, 2.5 hours, seminar class OR observations...

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Have an opportunity for college credit:)

Our teacher! Mrs. Kleinhenz:) (and some fun stuff:)

Just so you know...

TA is 3 high school credit hours (elective credits)

Students CAN receive 3 semester hours Introduction to Education credit at all public Ohio colleges/universities and at most private Ohio colleges/universities.

Graduates of TA currently attend: BGSU, UT, WSU, UC, NKU, Ohio Dominican, and Eastern Michigan University

Students are also members of the Future Educators’ Association (FEA). We attend workshops, conferences, and participate in volunteer activities like Pioneer Day and the Banana Slug Festival!

When students are in the TA class, students learn about developmental theory, history of Education, curriculum/instruction and assessment, current trends, issues and debates in Education, as well as give presentations, lessons, and participate in class discussions.

We love our TA:)

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