Riverglen Junior High AVID 2016

Quarter 1 Newsletter

AVID Annual Ice Cream Social: September 1

We had more people than ever at our annual AVID ice cream social as we welcomed new and returning AVID students and families to a fantastic new school year! Riverglen's AVID program this year includes three awesome classes of 7th graders, two classes of fantastic 8th graders, and two classes of phenomenal 9th graders. GO AVID!!

AVID Guest Speakers

One of the cool parts of AVID Fridays are getting to hear from various guest speakers about their college and career experiences. We have loved hearing from our amazing new school nurse, Nurse Powers, along with two of her colleagues, as well as Jake Hardee, former BSU player and community outreach coordinator for Saint Luke's. Most recently, we had the pleasure of hearing from Deputy McElwee from the Ada County Sheriff's Office. Thank you awesome guest speakers!

Spotlight: AVID 7

AVID 7 has had a great first quarter! We are adjusting to junior high and all the different classes, and we have been working hard at checking grades, staying organized with our agendas, and preparing for tutorials each week. We have three classes in a close GPA race with averages of 3.0 and two classes tied at 3.2! We are looking forward to an awesome field trip to Boise State to tour the engineering department and then some team building fun at Jump Time the beginning of December. Below: The winning group of the Air-Powered Race team building competition pose with their car. Their car went 141 inches, beating the second place team by 9 inches.
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Spotlight: AVID 8

AVID 8 started the year creating our class values. We have been working hard in all areas to uphold our values. Our class GPA is over a 3.0, we have been really focused on our tutorial sessions and are getting much better at asking questions and preparing really good question for our groups. We have also had several guest speakers centered on the health professions. We welcomed our new nurse, Bonnie Powers, as our first guest. Then we learned about keeping our brains safe from head injuries and what it takes to do health promotions from Jake Hardee, a former BSU football player. Finally, we learned about the Organ Donor Program from our last guest. We are looking forward to our upcoming service field trip to the Idaho Foodbank!

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Spotlight: AVID 9

Mr. Lofgren has really enjoyed teaching his first quarter of the AVID elective class. Teaching AVID 9 has allowed him to see a different side of his students and really get into what it means to be part of the AVID Family. His class has focused on the "why?" behind what teachers do in the classroom and various parts of the AVID Elective classroom. Asking themselves, "How do I respond when challenged?" the AVID 9 class has researched and discussed the challenges of the school system, current events and the challenges of getting into college. This picture is from our College Fair visit in which the AVID 9 students realized the enormous challenge and opportunity that awaits them in attending a college or university. Mr. Lofgren is looking forward to rest of the year with this amazing group of 9th graders.
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AVID Students Honored

Congratulations to the AVID students honored as Riverglen's September and October Students of the Month. Winners included Angel Duran and Leila Hooper (AVID 7) and Will Cruz (AVID 8). Way to go!!

Friday Night Frights

Friday, Oct. 28, the AVID students sponsored Friday Night Frights, an epic Halloween party and AVID fundraiser! The event featured a costume dance with prizes, creepy concessions, basketball and volleyball games, a food truck with hot dogs and soda, the movie Hocus Pocus, and live snakes. Special thanks to Mary from the Idaho Herpetological Society for bringing the snakes and lizards, including one snake over 7 feet long and 40 pounds. Happy Halloween indeed!
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Shadow Hills Mentoring

A big thank you to Shadow Hills Elementary for continuing our mentoring partnership! We have enjoyed the opportunity to work with the elementary school to provide service opportunities for the AVID students. For more details about how to get involved with the Shadow Hills mentoring program, contact your child's AVID teacher.

Get Involved!

Thank you to our awesome parent volunteers! We welcome volunteers in the AVID classrooms to help with binder/agenda checks, note checks, or even helping with tutorial groups. No prior experience is necessary...contact Jeanette Griggs for more information.