Bull Rider

Suzanne Morgan Williams

bad company- five finger death punch

i chose this song because the older brother is a good bullrider and in the military the song sounds good in both activities

come together- the rolling stones

because the world champ came back from the iraq half paralyzed and his little brother whom is like a punk, or skate boarder puts the board down and starts strapping em down

renegade- styx

i chose this song because cam the younger brother entered a bullriding for 15,000

and wants to win the money help his depressed older brother and this is a good tune to keep you motivated through practice and cam is going to need a lot of practice for this one

dirty deeds-ACDC

i chose this song because i it just would match the mood and just get you motivated.

dreams are made of gold- catlin clifford

i chose this song because he is at the bull riding ready to ride and i think this song would also fit the mood and motivate cam to win for his brother and himself. (cat clifford is a good rodeo buddy of mine from kyle south dakota on the pine ridge rez hes a poet, artist ,and a rank bullrider )