The Conquest of The Aztecs

Location: The Aztec Empire (north of the gulf of mexico)
Time Period: February 1518 – August 13, 1521
Basic Facts:

Cultures & Customs

  • The culture of the Aztecs include the maize cultivation.
  • Out of the Aztec artifacts that have been found, pottery has been the main one.
  • The Aztecs also draw tattoos on their body to show love towards god.

The Daily Life


There were 2 types of people in the Aztec world. The rich kind and the poor kind. The rich people lived in sun- dries brick and they got all the luxury. They wore good clothing and feathers to show how great they were. The poor people lived in huts with thatched roofs. For the poor people it was against the law for them to wear feathers or good clothing.

Religious Practices

The Aztec religion included human sacrifice where they would kill people. They also had a large number of festivals based upon the Aztec calendar. Also important in the Aztec culture was the sun, moon and the planet Venus. Which all of them held different symbolic and religious meanings and were connected to geographical places.

The Downfall

The downfall of the Aztecs was when Cortes came and took over the empire. He conquered the people and ruled them badly and made them convert onto his side

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Interesting Facts

  • Aztecs speak a language called Nahuati.
  • All the Aztecs were allowed to keep dogs, ducks, geese, quails and turkeys.
  • They used some of the minerals such as Gold, silver, copper and emerald which was used as ornaments.

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