Chronic Disease-ITP

The stuff that stays with you.

What is ITP

ITP is what’s known as an auto immune disease, meaning that your own white blood cell attacks your body's healthy cells.

Cause of ITP

In children, ITP is mostly caused by a viral infection, but in adults ITP is a chronic disease.

Adults get it as a child and usually have it their entire life. Your immune system creates antibodies that attack your platelets (The part of blood that allows you to clot). The cause of ITP is mostly unknown.

Risk Factors



3:Getting Punched

4:Cuts, Scrapes, Stabs


6:Taking Blood

7:Getting Braces Out

Preventing Risk Factors

Some risk factors can be prevented. Acetaminophen can be taken instead of Ibuprofen.

Sports injuries can be prevented by not playing sports, and falling and tripping can be prevented by tying your shoes and watching where you step.

Warning Signs

Warning signs of ITP are:

1: Nose Bleeds

2: Eye Bleeds

3: Easy Bleeding

4: Easy Bruising

5: Petechiae


Treatments for ITP include:

*Steroids injection

*Infusions of high-dose gamma globulin

*Drugs that suppress immune system

*Platelets infusion