Wildlife Biologist

Come explore wildlife with Zaley L. and Katlynd L.

Come learn with wildlife biologist!

Come learn about wildlife biologists. And their job, and how they take care of plants and animals and how they protect them.

On week days Ms. Bosworth's class only in 2nd period.

We learn about life, career, how to cook, and many more. Only in Ms. Bosworth's 2nd period class. ( ps we have a guest ) (gracey)

Are top wildlife biologist.

Will be loads of fun and there will be SNACKS YES!!!😱😏😎😃😄😆

Yes lots of snack but only if you come. Also there will be animals to pet and learn about so come on down to Ms. Bosworth's classroom weekdays only during 2nd period.

We are all animal buddies

We are all animals. And animal buddies so please come I promise we won't disappoint.