Kindergarten Connection

September 11, 2020

Welcome to Our School!

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From Mrs. Healey

Our first week of school is behind us. It's been a successful, exciting week. The best part of my job is seeing our young children so eager and enthusiastic toward learning. I want to take time to thank all of our parents for their support in the safe reopening of our school. You have instilled in your children the importance of wearing masks. They are compliant and it reminds me of the resiliency of children. I appreciate all the parents that model mask wearing at arrival and dismissal, being sure to have a mask on as they exit cars. I cannot tell you enough how much I appreciate our partnership!

Since we have had many students registering this week, I have kept my orientation video attached for anyone who has not had a chance to view it.

Please note that this communication is focused on our dismissal process. We have found a system that ensures the security of students released to approved adults in the car rider lane. Even though it appears directed toward car riders, it will impact anyone that decides to pick up their child who typically rides a bus on any given day. I'm sure we will all need to exercise patience as this will be new to all of us.

How is the school making the dismissal process more efficient?

The Kindergarten Academy will use a web-based system, coupled with an app called School Dismissal Manager, Fastlane. Through this system, parents can change their child from riding a bus to a car rider without having to send a separate note to school. For those daily car riders, it will not only increase security, but will speed up the process of dismissal by tracking the time and order of the arrival of each vehicle. This will done by having you scan a QR code accessed through your smart phone camera that checks your vehicle in for pick up. You will be receiving an email from me through School Dismissal Manager in the next few days. The email will only be sent to the primary contact's email. It will be up to the primary contact (parent/guardian listed first) to assign other family members to their student so that others can use the app or website in the same way. Attached below are two documents that outline more details about how to set up your account. In addition, there are other resources on the website for you to reference. Please note that we will only be using the QR code method. This will ensure that your child will only be picked up by someone that you have given permission. Again, you will not be able to start the process until you receive the email from SDM with your login information. That email should arrive over the week-end.

When will the new dismissal process start?

Next week will be a trial of the new system. We will run our old system along side of SDM to allow parents a chance to set up their accounts. So, if you are making a last minute change to pick up your child, please still send in a note. We hope to be fully operating with the new system on Monday, September, 21st.

What are the details I need to know about the new Fastlane dismissal process?

  • You will be able to make changes to your child's pick up until 1:15 pm through the app or online. If you need to make a change after 1:15, you will need to call the office. Calling the office after 1:15 isn't preferred since recording that dismissal change won't be part of the data transmitted through the app.
  • You will not be able to check in before 1:45 pm. Please do not arrive before that time or if you do, please wait until the system will let you check in at 1:45 pm.
  • The check in point will be at the beginning of the Filbert Street Loop. Look for a bucket with a sign coming out of it on the driver side of the loop. The sign will have the QR code on it for you to scan.
  • If you can't scan the QR code, please pull into the Filbert Street parking lot and walk up to get your child. Please be prepared to show identification.

Mark Your Calendars!

September 14 (Cycle Day 3)

  • Group A students F2F, Group B students remote

September 15 (Cycle Day 3)

  • Group B students F2F, Group A students remote

September 16

  • All Students remote

September 17

  • Group A students F2F, Group B students remote

September 18

  • Group B students F2F, Group A students remote