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The Holidays Are Coming!

I woke up today with some holiday GOALS for my personal business. Last night I was on my leader call with Chantel Waterbury, our CEO and founder, and she motivated me with her words and her passion!!! She reminded me of the holiday rush here at Chloe + Isabel and let me tell you....IT IS REAL!!!!! Last November was OUT OF THIS WORLD! Everyone on this team last year had sales and some of you brought it home!!!! I even brought home a large chunk of personal commission from my own personal sales! The frenzy was REAL ladies!! YOU do not want to miss it!!

I am going to take today to book up my November calendar! We have some exciting things coming in November: jewels, sales, the holiday rush, and MORE! Maybe even some unexpected news to come. ;) ;) ;)

***Do me a favor:
√ be on the call tonight to get all the info you need to blast thru the holidays! ( + a BIG announcement! Hint: NEW stages + NEW perks for YOU!)

√ join our National Sales Meeting call event on FB for all the slides, the reveal of the BIG announcement + to talk shop!!
√ start booking your November + December calendars NOW!!!!!

C+I Jewelry 101

WHOA...mark your calendars!!!!!

We're so very excited for the second-ever session of our brand new training for our merchandisers, Chloe + Isabel Jewelry 101!! This comprehensive training will teach you about our design process, manufacturing and quality, and the stones, metals and other great details behind the jewelry in your Starter Kit!

What you'll learn in this presentation about your jewelry will make a you a more confident expert, and increase your sales potential! We're offering two training times, plus a video recap for those who cannot attend the live trainings:

Wednesday, October 21 at 4pm EST and 7pm EST
Click to Register:

This is only the second time we've explored the Starter Kit in a webinar, and we're excited to invite you to learn more about the gorgeous jewelry you're selling!

October Wall of Fame!!

Check out our gorgeous October Wall of Fame!!! Eeeeekkkk!!! Only 6 more active SE Swag members to raffle off a piece from The Atlas Collection!!!! Congrats to you 14 active already for October!! ‪#‎SESWAG‬ Laura Gourley Gilliard Yolanda Ferguson Kristi Gourley CarltonAlex Yates Adriana Rueda Ashley Paige Voss Heather Schlick Jones Olga Alvarado Robyn Walker Sarah Inman Lydia Hermosilla Coleman Karmen Bowen Glover Meg Fortney Angela Lane Parker
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$100 in EXTRA Jewelry Credits for October!!

Don't forget - everyone that has a pop-up in October that does $500 in sales from 10/13 - 10/31 gets an EXTRA free $100 in jewelry credit!!! WOOT WOOT!!!
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Merch Perch!!!

MERCH PERCH Chit Chat~~~~>>> Ok so I want you ALL to go thru these steps to ensure YOU DO NOT miss a beat on the MP.

1. ‪‎SE Swag Team Page!!! Make sure to treat that as you would treat our FB SE Swag page. It is a private page for our team and contains info for your eyes ONLY!!!!

2. PLEASE click the community topics options on the top of the home page. The drop down will pop up. Click to FOLLOW each of these sections!!! Click on them individually and hit follow for each section. This ensures that you will SEE all of the posts needed. Sometimes I share a post from one of the sections BUT if you do not follow that section, you may not see the post at all.

3. Lastly.......Make sure to always check the blog and feed sections. The feed has all of the documents uploaded by corporate to help you succeed. The blog will have news and updates!!!!

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