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May 2016



The 7 things new college students don’t know that drive professors crazy

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Apostrophes and Plurals

(Image from GrammaticalArt.)

This is true! A lot of people add an apostrophe ( ' ) when they really just mean to make a word plural.

Incorrect: I have lots of coin's in my pocket.

Correct: I have lots of coins in my pocket.

Incorrect: I only work on Tuesday's.

Correct: I only work on Tuesdays.

Another way to think of it is that the apostrophe is like a fishing pole. If you're going to use a fishing pole, you want it to be attached to something you're going to take home or possess - a fish! So if you're using an apostrophe in word A, then word B should be something word A owns/possesses.

Here are a couple of examples of the correct usage of an apostrophe:

Correct: My brother's car always runs out of gas.

(The apostrophe/fishing pole attaches the word brother to the car, so the brother possesses/owns the car.)

Correct: My truck's tires are all flat.

(The apostrophe/fishing pole attaches the word truck to tires, so the truck possesses/owns the tires.)

The one other instance you would use an apostrophe correctly is with a contraction (it's, she's, you're, etc.) That's when you're combining two words and using an apostrophe where the missing letters were. We'll work more on that another day.

Still not working for you? Try this video. (It'll make you kind of laugh and roll your eyes!)

Grammar: Plural or Possessive?



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