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School Character and Climate Survey

Please take a moment and have your child complete this survey about the school character and climate of Eagleview: http://centos-apps.asd20.org/survey/index.php?sid=53174&lang=en

Social Studies


It was great seeing such strong, positive support for your children at parent/teacher conferences! We appreciate your time.
We are gearing up to discover the wonders of Ancient Egypt. We will be working with primary and secondary sources as well as learning how to cite evidence from the text.
Students will also give mummification a try...with hot dogs. Please don't forget the weekly tweentribune.com non-fiction reading assessment due each week.

Language Arts

In Language Arts we are starting "Tuck Everlasting." Don't look for the books at home - we're reading it entirely in class. Through this unit we will focus on setting, character, and theme. We are also focusing on figurative language.

In Lit and Comp we are reading "The Hound of the Baskervilles." This is challenging some of the students who aren't used to reading the language from the old days. However, we will spend time discussing and reading together and hopefully everyone will get into it, even if they don't end up loving it. We are focusing on conflict, point of view, and inference through this unit. We are also working on how to write effective essays. We've covered hooks and thesis statements; next we'll move onto supporting details.


This month we are finishing up Protist, Fungi, and Plant Kingdoms and will be starting the Animal Kingdom with Invertebrates! The invertebrate unit is exciting because it's when the dissections start!!! Within the next couple of weeks, we will dissect a pickle (just to learn how to use the tools), a worm, and a crayfish. Towards the end of this unit, the students will actual be identifying preserved specimens of these little critters!! Hopefully, your student will be coming home with lots of interesting facts from science class.

In addition, the students will have new blog assignments that correlates with their "teams" they are on for the TweenTribune for Social Studies class. So, please make sure your student answers the correct blogs.

Important Dates:

11/5: Blog #3 due today

11/5: Protist, Fungus, & Plant test (this will be administered on the computers instead of a paper format)

11/6: Pickle Dissection

11/13: Mrs. Gaunce out for the day

11/14: Worm Dissection

11/18 & 11/19: Mrs. Gaunce out for these days

11/21: Invertebrate Quiz with preserved specimens

11/25 - 11/29: Thanksgiving Break!!!!


Pre-Algebra 7: Students will be finishing their work with solving equations in the middle of November. They should expect a unit test over this concept near November 13th. Students will then begin their study of ratios, unit rates, and proportions. This unit will include a project that requires them to go to a grocery store and compare the price of large items to the price of small items. More information on this project will be distributed near the end of the month or beginning of December.

Algebra 1A: Students have pretty much finished their work exploring and comparing the relationship between tables, graphs, rules, and patterns. They have a unit test on Wednesday November 6th. We will then delve deeper into linear equations and begin to formalize the ideas of slope, intercepts, and the different forms of a linear equation.