Julie Cantrell Block

julie.block78@yahoo.com (318) 278-9791

My Educational Philosophy

My mission as a teacher is to instill in my students a lifelong love of learning. I want to help all of my students believe in themselves and through that belief, reach their highest potential. I will be the catalyst for my students to become independent learners and responsible, self-disciplined individuals. I will grow with my students as I continue to learn from them and others in the field of education. I will respect my students' individual differences while empowering them. I will treat them with respect, compassion, and understanding.


  • 9.5 years of classroom experience
  • 3.5 years at high school level
  • 6 years at middle school level
  • Certified in Social Studies and English/Reading
  • Masters of Education from Louisiana Tech University
  • Social Studies TAKS passing rate of +95% for 4 years
  • ELA TAKS passing rate of 100% for 1 year
  • Instructional Technology Specialist for 1 year (IB world school)
  • Lead district-wide Professional Development on curriculum compacting, blogging in the classroom, Moodle (LMS) and technology lesson planning
  • Lead campus-wide professional development on web 2.0, teacherweb and reaching the connected child

Additional Duties

  • co-sponsor of Speech & Debate Team (2 years)
  • assistant for Girl's JV Basketball Team (1 year)
  • Sponsor/Coach for 8th grade cheer squad (3 years)
  • co-sponsor for NHS (1 year)
  • District Advisory Committee (3 years)
  • Campus Site Based Committee (1 year)
  • Collaborative Teacher (Social Studies Department) (1 year)
  • Mentor Teacher (Huston Tillotson University Alt Cert Program)