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News from Room 22 - October 12, 2015

Homework Readers

There will be a new, small photocopied book in your child's Friday folder every week. This book should be read by your child several times and returned to school by Friday. Your child should be doing all of the reading and each time they should read with more "style" than before. This is your time to help your child practice reading with correct intonation and expression. Please do not keep the books or allow your child to write in/color the books. We try to reuse them from year to year.

Scholastic Book Orders

If you are interested in great books for a great price, I will be placing an order next Friday (October 23).

The website is:

Please enter our class code:LFBGH

Next Week's Curriculum Focus-

Essential Question: What is the main idea of what you read, and what are the details that support the main idea? (This is a good question to ask when reading at home.)

High Frequency words: her, our, they, two
Phonemic Awareness: short o
Vocabulary Words: guide, protect, provide, separate, wild

Comprehension Strategy: summarize
Comprehension Skill: main idea and details
Writing Trait: organization

Spelling Words and Dictation Sentences:

her, our, they, two, hop, top, log, hog, hot, stop, frog, fast

The dog got off the damp mat.

A frog hop on a rock to sit.

Math - addition and subtraction strategies to 10

Science - Plant Trait Inheritance and Variation

Upcoming Dates

Monday, October 26 - Friday, October 30 - Red Ribbon Week

Friday, October 31 at 8:35 a.m. - Halloween Parade and Class Party

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