The device that will change the face of the Earth

Does the human race need a device to sort out all traffic problems and conditions?

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The PocketPortation will solve all your traffic and time problems. The latest creation by International Corporations, the PocketPortation, this device has WiFi features and the latest technologies brought to Earth. If you choose to buy the PocketPortation, you have made an extremely wonderful choice. The PocketPortation is a teleportation device that will teleport you to any area in the world. "How is that possible?" you may ask. Well, the scientists at International Corporations have been working extremely hard to perfect a formula for a chemical reaction to help teleport a person (or persons) to somewhere else. How this works is when human skin touches the portal of the teleportation device the body would breakdown into millions of particles. The particles are then transported through an underground network towards the location you selected via WiFi and bluetooth connections. This may sound dangerous, but it is painless and your body will be 100% restored. This was proven when we tested the device on an average water bottle. Large PocketPortation devices will be placed in specific places allowing easy aaccess to the areas. This device also has cellular photographic memory, so your body particles will not get mixed up with others.


The PocketPortation is made out of titanium allowing it to be sturdy and tough. It has a round hole in the middle which is the entrance to the portal. The device has an elegant blue base (can be changed to black, red, green, or pink by request) to keep the portal in place. There are small slits on the inside of the portal which release the teleportation gas(as we call it in International Corporations). The reason why it is called PocketPortation is because it comes in the form of a coloured box(either black, blue, red, green, or pink), the box has a volume of 729cm cubed. There are buttons on each face that allow the titanium box to unfold and become a portal.

How much is it?

For only $2346 you will be able to solve all your traffic problems. It will allow 5 hour car trips into a two minute trip, now going to places will become so much easier with the PocketPortation.

Written by: De Kai Chue