Goddess of the Hearth Fire

Who she is:

  • She is the goddess of the hearth fire.
  • She was seen as the gentlest and the calmest of all the gods and goddesses-presumably because she was a little bit like an introvert.
  • Hestia was never seen of much importance and wasn't really mentioned in any stories.
  • Daughter of Cronos and Rhea; she can technically be thought of as both the first born and last born. This is because she was the first child born-but was the last one thrown up by her father, Cronos, after he had swallowed all his children.

Facts about her:

  • Hestia wasn't ever involved with any men; instead she swore to remain a maiden at the head of Zeus.
  • She had no children but displayed a motherly-love to most, especially orphans.
  • She did not enjoy adventure or drama so she kept to herself and tended to the hearth fire instead.
  • She wasn't worshiped at temples but at the family hearth instead.

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