IA Newsletter: The Scorpion

October 2020

Message from Mr. McConnell


On October 12, we will be returning to school using a Hybrid Model. Each class is divided into two Cohorts. The benefits to the cohort model:

  • Allows for distancing within a classroom and throughout campus.
  • 10-14 students per cohort, which means teachers can provide targeting instruction for each student.
  • Teachers can provide offline work for students to complete on the days they are not on campus.
  • Students can socialize with classmates. (Following CDC guidelines)
  • We can begin a return to our new normal.


  • Group bathrooms will be disinfected hourly.
  • Each time a classroom is vacated the room will be disinfected.
  • Additional custodial help during the school day solely focusing on sanitization.
  • 2 large handwashing stations, 10 small handwashing stations.
  • Lunch services will be 30-40 students at a time with no more than 3 students per table.
  • Cafeteria tables will be disinfected after each use.

See additional details below.

Please welcome the newest additions to the IA-Staff

Individual School Supplies

All students will be using individualized supply boxes. Students will not share supplies. We know that times are hard for many of us right now. If you are unable to purchase supplies and supply boxes we will make sure everyone has what they need.

Important Library Information

Students will have a shorter library time once each week. In order to reduce contamination, we will have a limited collection of books selected for each class, from which they will be permitted to check out books.

Students and caregivers are encouraged to access the digital Innovation Academy library catalog to reserve books! Here is how:

  1. Go to http://library.amphi.com/library/Home
  2. Select Innovation Academy in upper left corner drop down menu. From there, you can search authors, titles, keywords, etc. to browse the IA collection.
  3. To reserve, click on the “login” icon in the upper right corner, use your student’s 300# and password, search for your book, then click the reserve button. The book will be checked out and ready for the student to take home during his or her scheduled library time.
  4. Please ensure the book is reserved at least a full day (the earlier the better!) prior to your student’s library day.

Kinder/1st grade may check out one book. 2nd - 5th grade may check out two books.

All books can be checked out for one week but may be renewed for 3 consecutive weeks if the student would like to keep a book longer and the book has not been reserved.

Students may not check out books if they have overdue books or if they have unpaid fines for lost or damaged books.

HYBRID Schedule

M, T, Th, F

9:00 am - 3:30 pm

Cohort 1: Monday & Thursday

Cohort 2: Tuesday & Friday


9:00 am - 1:30 pm

*Virtual instruction for both Cohorts, no students on campus

Connect with our PTO!

Creating opportunities of educational excellence through parent and educator partnership, financial support and community engagement.

President: Jeremy Spruce

President Elect: Kathryn Koenig

VP Communications: Tara Barrera

VP Fundraising: Asha O'Shea

VP Volunteers: Sarah Branski

Secretary: Annette Decena

Treasurer: Matti Vann

The next PTO Meeting will be held Monday, October 19th. A Zoom link will be provided. Sign up for updates at: innovationacademypto@gmail.com