Mario Can't Be Every Ones Hero

Be Your Own Hero

In the famous addicting games of Mario and Luigi goes viral children crying, excited, obsessed with the entertainment of Mario and Luigi. Everyone are trying to be like them wearing their costumes.

But yet Mario and Luigi have their own problems. Mario is out on saving his lovely Princess Peach. His best brother Luigi is considering on leaving the Mario & Luigi enterprise because he is done of being the third wheel.

Luigi has been running off disappearing talking to Mario worst enemy Bowser (side note Bowser is always stealing Princess Peach known as "Mr. I steal yoo girl"). Mario does not know about it because he's been busy with Princess Peach.

Mario has been a sweet guy to everyone except Bowser (obviously), but then no one doesn’t ask if Mario wants to take a break? what happens if he’s tired of Princess Peach being kidnap? Luigi is betraying him without knowing he can be the new hero of the world.

Luigi found out that Mario is going to retire, but Luigi already sold out his brother to Bowser. Luigi is devastated over his actions. He tried to talk to make an agreement with Bowser. It turned out that Bowser is also retiring.

Everyone is retiring from the Mario & Luigi enterprise. Except Luigi he has not done not one hero type of game or been exposed. Someone anonymous stated to Luigi “you don’t have to be a hero for everyone...instead become something else you would be really known for”.

After everything went down fall with Mario & Luigi enterprise. Luigi created something that everyone would like. A game that no one is left behind. A few buyers stated “its amazing game”.