Journal Entry 1 (APRIL 25TH,1854)

One sunny day we left early and started out on our journey to Oregon, where my dream of becoming a baker finally will come true. With me I brought my wife Berka, my two daughters Helga and Sharcova, and a random orphan child from back home named Robert. Sadly I only have $150 dollars to bring with me, but we have a lot supplies.

We started out very excited and optimistic, until we came upon our first obstacle on our 3rd day on the trail, The Missouri River. We could of paid an Indian to float us across, but instead we decided to cross ourselves, in a shallow part of the river bed. Luckily we crossed safely! After crossing we came upon a field full of game, we did not end up hunting. Shortly after, a Chief approaches our train and makes a bet, we do not take it and move along. at the end of our first day we realized we had no wood and had to stop and take time to collect some buffalo chips.

Journal Entry 2

Wow! Has it really been three weeks on the trail? Time has flown by since we left town. We just found a nice cool stream and collected some water. Then a chief came up to our wagons and offered a challenge for a prize! Our wagon train leader had to balance one book on his head, and two on each hand, and walk a few steps. Sadly he failed and we all had to pay $50.

After that, we reached the sand flats river. Instead of crossing a river by ourselves, we ended up paying $45 for an Indian to float us across on a ferry. After we safely crossed the river, we went hunting and used 1 ammo box. My wagon shot 10 pounds of fresh meat! After that we are all faced with a challenge where we all need rifles, luckily we all have one. Its been exactly 1 month that we've been on the trail. The next day there is a fork in the road. we have the choice to take the short and sketchy trail, or the long and safe trail. We decide to take the long trail, Shianne trail.

Journal Entry 3

Today, a tribe of natives approached and asked to trade. We agreed, which slowed down our train, but it was worth it. We earned 10 pounds of meat! Unfortunately we also got an Indian orphan that we named Pinto Bean. The next day we were all told to get rid of 75 bwus in order to become lighter and faster. That day our wagon missed a fatality by an inch!

We also, that day, came across a hunting opportunity, but we did not accept. The next day, we realized we were low on water. The only near water was a puddle of stagnate water. We decided to strain out all the nasty articles from it with a cloth, then boil it to kill all the bacteria. For a few days now, we have noticed a tribe of Indians have been following us. Today, they attacked and a shoot out occurred. I was shot in the right arm, and had to rest it for the rest of the day. Today we reached Fort Joys and came to another fork in the road. We decided to take massacre trail because it wasn't too long or too dangerous.

Journal Entry 4

We recently heard some disappointing news… Cholera has spread to our train. Luckily it didn't spread to our family. Each obstacle is getting worse and worse. Today we discovered that a landslide had blocked our path and we needed a pick axe and shovel to dig our way out. Today we went hunting, it cost one ammo box, but we got 5 pounds of gopher.

Today, we were attacked by yet another native tribe. They shot our train and we all lost 100 bws. We just passed through the desert safely, everyones hopes are now restored!! To go faster, we all deleted all but 500 bws. We just reached a mountain range. It is freezing now, we have decided to take our chances and cross the range in hopes of reaching Oregon quicker. Goodbye for now…

( Sadly Otto Steinway, his family, and his wagon train were found frozen in the mountains. From what the passing pioneers could tell, they had resorted to cannibalism…)