Hawk Squad Tech Support Center

WI-Fi problems? Mouse not working? Computer "not charging"?

Come see us in the mornings from **8am to 8:45am**

Also, we are going to be in the LIBRARY 1st, 7th & 8th period to help students & teachers.
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You will find more info about us in our website.

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Students!! Attention!!

For the good of your computer:

  • Do NOT change your mouse
  • Do NOT Download or install anything without the teacher's permission, and download or Install exactly what the teacher says to install or download
  • Do NOT Put stickers in your computer
  • Do NOT go into inappropriate websites Ex: Games, blogs, youtube, etc

Teachers!! Attention!!

There has been some critical issues in Google Classroom.

Some Slide Shows, documents, Assignments, etc have not been showing up correctly to students.

Solution: Take the assignment, doc or Slideshow, whatever it is, and un-post it.

Then Re-post it. It should work, if not the students must try another browser Ex: IF they're in Chrome make them try Internet Explorer, If they're in Internet Explorer make them try Chrome.