Chipotle Gives Customers Salmonella

Chpotle customers have gotten sick from eating there food. It didnt taste any different it just made people sick. It ended up giving them Salmonella and some other stuff people started getting. So they are having to start to shut down for a little bit.

Taco Bell Comes Out With 99 Cent Burrito

Chipotle is in trouble right now with whats happening with there food. Taco Bell isn't making it any better with there new 99 cent burrito. Now no one will go to Chipotle and thats a problem for them.

Income To Fall Do To Recession

The economy is haveing a problem right now and Money is scarce. So since people don't want to spend there money that's gonna result in a decline in business for Chipotle. Until things start to settle back to normal with the economy Chipotle is gonna have a real problem on there hands.

Mexicans To Come Across Border Into Texas

The US is about to start letting some Mexicans to come across the border. This is going to be a big change in the population. That is a very good thing for Chipotle become more Mexicans will go to there place to eat.

Chipolte Will Offer Free Burritos

Over this whole thing happening with them they have lost some customers. Recently they have taken a break. They have just came out and said that in February they will be giving out free burritos to try and get some of there customers back.