Nixon Elementary School

A Share About COVID-19 Testing And Schoolhouse Information

Reminder! Nixon Elementary School - Cultural Discussion Forum Part II

Nixon Cultural Discussion Forum is on January 5 from 7:30-8:30 via Zoom. Please use the following link, Nixon Cultural Forum II Zoom Link.

In and effort to better understand the interests of the Nixon School Community, please fill out the following form.

We have received our panelist interests and appreciate the connection, thank you for your interest! Our panel will reflect religious leaders of the greater Boston area, parents of Nixon School, and Nixon administration.

SPS COVID-19 Dashboard

A helpful tool for staying up to date on the numbers of COVID positive cases at Nixon and around SPS can be found at the SPS COVID Dashboard. The winter break provided us an uptick in COVID positive cases. Between 12/24/21-1/3/22 Nixon School had 1 staff member and 2 students test positive for COVID-19. Today, Nixon has 3 staff members and 4 students test positive for COVID-19. No students or staff members were present at school during the infectious period of time.

To mitigate exposure, today, pooled testing took place for staff members and students. I will send along a more typical communication this week that will reflect the number of total testing and number of positive and (hopefully) negative results.

Should your child test positive or become a close contact, we will follow the newest CDC Guidance about next steps.

Quarantine Learning Plans - Communication From Your Child's Teacher In Case Of Quarantine

For children who test positive for COVID or are close contacts who require quarantine, teachers will organize and provide work if the student is out for more than 3 school days. If this applies to your child who will be out all this week or longer due to COVID, please arrange with your classroom teacher for pick up of materials.

If your child tests positive or is a close contact in the future, please know that teachers have 2 school days to get work together, so please be patient and stay in communication with the classroom teacher to know when the work is ready to be retrieved. If your child is really not feeling well and is unable to do work at home, please let the teacher know and no work will be sent home. It’s much more important for children to rest and recover when they are sick.