Hump back whales

Noah Willims


Humpback whales are king! Humpback whales are in all the oceans. Next, humpback whales can grow up to 62 feet. They mostly eat krill. Humpback whales are giants of all the oceans.


There are more thin 60,00 humpback whales. Next,they live in the North Parpcific, North Atlantic, south Atlantic, and the Indian Ocean . Also they go North to feed and South to mate.


Humpback whales give birth to live young. The scientific name for humpback whales is Megapteranouaecangliae. Next, it can grow up to 62 feet.


Pascivore animals that eat fish. Next,they also eat anchovy mackerel codcrnd. Lastly,they are baleen whales,meaning they are filter feeders.


Humpback whales are appecling because of their size. First,humpback whales devour krill and fish. In conclusion humpback whales are the most recognized whale species


Megapteranouaecangliae-scientific name for humpback whale

Piscivcre- a fish eating animal

Zooplankton- plankton composed of animals


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