MCCC Committee Newsletter

April 2014

From the President

Dear Families,

A very warm welcome to the MCCC community. It is difficult to believe that we are at Easter already (although in my household the Easter bunny has been a topic of conversation for many weeks now!). I have met some of you personally, and see others at pickup and drop off. If you have any questions I am only to happy to stop for a chat, or to arrange a time to meet. This year is particularly exciting for us as a community as we will be celebrating our 30th anniversary as an incorporated association. We will be holding an event later in the year and if anyone is interested in helping organise this event please let me know. We are hoping to invite as many past children as we can (imagine if we could get a representative from each year!), so if you know anyone that was here 20 years ago do let us know. We have some vacancies on the committee so if you would like to become involved or find out more, please contact myself or Rukmini.

Remember the parent committee represents you so if there are issues you would like raised, or things you would like to see happen, please bring them to our attention.

I wish you all a safe and happy Easter and look forward to seeing you at our next events.

Erica Brady,

President of MCCC Parent Management Committee

What's on the agenda this month?

  • 30th birthday celebrations!

Your Parent Committee

Current Committee members are:

  • Erica Brady - President
  • Dinah Humphries - Secretary
  • Helen Vu - Treasurer
  • Iggy Kosny
  • Jacki Melvin
  • Carly Moulang
  • Andy Ruddock
  • Katie Wyatt


Did you know that we welcome feedback from families, staff and children at all times at MCCC? If you would like to discuss anything that you are not happy with, please feel free to speak with your Room Leader in the first instance, the Director or a member of the Management Team, or you may contact the Grievance Officer of the Committee of Management. Currently, the Grievance Officer is Andy Ruddock ( You may also speak directly to the President, Erica Brady (

Please refer to the Complaints and Grievances Policy for more information, or the Governance Policy.

(NQS 7.3.4 Processes are in place to ensure that all grievances and complaints are addressed, investigated fairly and documented in a timely manner.)

New Room Representatives

The Committee is pleased to advise that we have created 3 new Room Representative roles from within the elected MCCC Committee, one for each of the Babies, Toddlers and Kinder rooms.

The Room Representative is nominated to be an additional point of contact for families from each room and provide additional support to the educators from each room. The Room Representatives will assist with the Annual Welcome Event; welcoming new families to the Centre; organising one or two small social activities per year for the families from their room; and assisting educators in coordinating the needs of the room for working bees and 'wish-list' of additional educational/practical/play things. We hope these new roles will assist in bringing families together through social events and supporting the educators!

The current roles are filled by:

  • Kinder Room Rep: Andy Ruddock (father of Zhenni)
  • Toddler Room Rep: Jacki Melvin (new to the Committee, mother of Andrew & Veronica Melvin)
  • Babies Room Rep: VACANT - Babies Room parents: we need you!

If you are interested in taking on the Babies Room Rep role and joining the MCCC Committee, we'd be delighted to welcome you. Please contact Dinah Humphries to express your interest:


Working Bee

Approximately 16 parents as well as a few educators attended the working bee on Saturday 29 March.

After about 5-6 hours of hard yards, the group completed a long list of much-needed tasks.

The things people will probably notice from the working bee are:

  1. Moving and improving the water wall. The new wall is sturdier and is in a position where it will not cause water damage.
  2. Painting the area around the stage. The bottom half of this area is now a chalkboard and the top half is a consistent yellow.
  3. Putting shelves in the nappy changing areas in the babies and toddlers rooms, so that all children now have their own shelves for their nappies.
  4. Putting a wall fan in the babies sleeping area (as well as another in the staff room), to help circulate the air during summer.
  5. Planting some new veggies and herbs in the garden outside.

As well as these obvious jobs, there were many other not so noticeable things that the group achieved.

  • A new bin was placed under the nappy changing area in the toddlers room.
  • As is done at every working bee, they wiped down all the food trolleys (and fixed a few wheels), cleaned/scrubbed all the high chairs, cleaned all the walls, tables and chairs in each of the rooms, as well as all the bins and shelves.
  • The laundry area was thoroughly cleaned. At the end of the day you could eat a meal of any surface in the centre – that is how hard some of the people worked!
  • All the sand was removed out of the rocks and the fake grass outside, and then sifted back into the sand pit.
  • All the wooden surfaces outside were oiled.
  • All rooms and outdoor areas were generally cleaned and organised, and any little things (like toys or other furniture) that needed fixing were repaired.

Thank you to everyone who attended and to Peter Smith for coordinating the day. We really appreciate all the time and effort you all put in!

See below for some photos from the day.

Welcome 2014 Event

Families had a wonderful time at the Centre's first social event of 2014 on Thursday 27th February. There were opportunities to meet other parents and educators, as well as to welcome new families. The children loved getting up close to the farm animals, as evidenced in the photos below!

Challenging Behaviour Seminar

Thank you to the parents that attended the challenging behaviour seminar on Wednesday 2nd April. It was a successful information night for parents from all three Monash Centres. We hope to provide more opportunities for this type of parent support/education in the future.


Babies and Toddlers Mother's Day Morning Tea and Music Session

There will be a Mother’s Day morning tea and music session for the Babies and Toddler Room on Thursday 8th May at 9.00am.

Please see invitation below for more details.

Kinder Room Mother's Day Morning Tea and Concert

The Kinder Room will be hosting a Mother's Day Morning Tea and Concert on Tuesday 6th May at 8.45am.

Please see invitation below for more details.

Happy Easter!

The Committee would like to take this opportunity to wish all families and staff a happy Easter and a good break.

Please note the Centre's operating days over Easter and Anzac Day, as per the Monash calendar.

Centre closed: Friday 18 April - Tuesday 22 April (inclusive)

Centre open: Wednesday 23 April and Thursday 24 April

Centre closed: Friday 25 April