Spooktacular October in LA

Language Arts Update October 2016

Happy Autumn!

Hello Parents/Guardians,

I hope you and your students are starting to get the hang of 7th grade! I want to personally welcome you to jacket and scarf weather! I had to take out all my warm sweaters out this weekend, and I was very upset to put away my summer clothes.

Please scroll through this newsletter to see what is going on in Language Arts class so far. As always, do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.

Thanks for your support, and enjoy!


Michelle Wolfrum

7th Grade Language Arts

Team 7-1

What's been going on in Language Arts?

For the past month, students have been working on Parts of Speech, Literary Devices, Annotation, and Science Fiction.

Science Fiction: In class, we have been reading together and independently short Science Fiction stories. We have been practicing how to annotate these stories by looking for Literary Devices, Science Fiction characteristics, and writing down our thoughts as we read. Students have been assigned book club novels to read outside of school. They need to be reading them every single night. Students also have journal entries that they will need to complete every week that correspond to these book club novels. All of this information can be accessed by students on their Google Classroom.

To view a list and description of the book club novels, click here.

To view the first Journal assignment due October 14th, click here.

Parts of Speech: Check out student's awesome Mad Lib creations below!

Literary Devices and Annotation: Students have been practicing annotating their reading in Language Arts and Social Studies. They recently completed a quiz that demonstrated their ability to identify literary devices and their ability to annotate while they read.

OK, what's coming next?

In the weeks coming up, we will be starting focus on the Narrative Story Arc. Students will shift their attention during their reading to how story elements interact and influence each other in story. In the beginning of next week, we will specifically work on how an author creates an interesting and effective setting, and we will focus on how an author begins to describe characters in a narrative.

Students will use this information to create their own Science Fiction stories. Students will mostly be working on this in class, but some nights, they may need to work on a few revisions here and there. Please have your students access their Google Classroom if you would like more information on this moving forward.

Students will also continue to work on their Book Club novels all unit.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

~Team 7-1 News~

Team 7-1 Updates!

Team 7-1 has been having way too much fun the start of this school year. Check out the pictures below from our first dance party to see proof! Even Dr. Menzo joined in! Don't worry, we will share some pictures from our next dance party on October 28th!

Upcoming Dates! Mark your calendars!

October 19th Early Release for students

October 19th-Team 7-1 Movie outing--Click here for more information.

October 28th-Team 7-1 Dance part #2

October 31st-Halloween!

Looking ahead!

Next month, Team 7-1 is taking on New York at the Museum of Natural History! Please click here for more information. We can't wait to hang out, and enjoy an awesome day in New York City!

Hope you Enjoyed this Spooky Newsletter!

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions! Also, be on the look out for Team 7-1 costumes! We aren't revealing what we will be yet, but enjoy this picture of us as minions from last year!

Have a great month!