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Back to School 2021

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A Message from the Principal, "Miss Kelty"

Hello ECDC Families!

I can't believe the start of the 21-22 school year is almost here! Our teaching teams are so looking forward to welcoming back all our little people!

Here at ECDC, each member of our team is committed to building strong relationships with our students and families. Over this next school year, you and your little one will have the opportunity, if you have not already, to work with some of the best early childhood professionals around! Our teaching teams are continually thinking outside the box to ensure that students and families are engaged in joyful learning through high quality, developmentally appropriate learning experiences that align to the Massachusetts standards for pre-kindergarten.

ECDC Important Dates To Remember:

School-based events are listed on this document. You will find this document also linked below my update each month.

If you are looking for district the district calendar, you can access it here Franklin Public Schools Calendar.


We recognize the transition to preschool for a young child and their family during a typical school year carries with it both great angst and excitement, and that is without the worry and impact associated with the pandemic. As school leaders, we have a responsibility to ensure that our schools are safe and healthy for students, staff and families in our buildings, even during a non-pandemic year; COVID-19 and it's variants have just raised the bar on the interventions needed.

Over the last year and a half, here at ECDC we have learned a lot about keeping everyone safe and healthy. I am confident that if we come together as a school community around mitigation strategies (like we did last year) , students CAN play together, share materials and stay healthy!

Masks and COVID-19 Mitigation Strategies:

Masks will be REQUIRED for all students and staff INSIDE THE BUILDINGS when school starts. No masking is necessary when outside. We are waiting for more specific guidance from the Commissioner of DESE.

I know there is great worry about masks and their impact on students learning, particularly at this age level. I felt that same way a year ago. Yet over the last year, I our children, and our teaching teams, continued to AMAZE me! Students were able to learn, to express themselves and develop friendships. We found that the greater negative impact on student learning was limiting collaborative learning through play (social distancing and not sharing materials/toys).

Please understand that our teaching teams will continue to support students in using masks, and will provide time for students to be without them. If your child has never worn a mask, please let your child's teacher know. They will have tips and visuals to help you help your child with this transition.

These are some of the strategies we will continue to have in place in school to ensure we remain safe and healthy:

  • prioritize frequent handwashing of all students and staff
  • ensure consistent cleaning and disinfecting of materials, classrooms and shared spaces
  • foster learning in our outdoor spaces (garden, outdoor classroom fenced in area, playground, and, if needed, sectioned off areas of our parking lot for bikes and more)
  • provide supervised use of hand sanitizer as need when in outdoor spaces
  • prioritizing that staff and students who are sick stay home

Further information will be available in the district Health and Safety Plan, which should be available next week.

If we follow these guidelines, I am sure our classrooms can look and feel like typical, playful, joyful preschool classrooms, with cooperative and interactive play again!

Ongoing Communication

Knowing as much as we can about your child, both before they come to school and throughout the school year, is going to help us better meet their unique needs. We value open and honest lines of communication between home and school.

Email will serve as a primary means of communication throughout this year, so please be sure your updated contact information is on file with our awesome school secretary, Miss Laura ( or 508-541-8166) and your child's classroom teacher!

You can expect a monthly ECDC Newsletter and it will always include updates from:

ECDC School Council


School Nurse

as well as special updates on initiatives,

special events and resources for families, as appropriate.

Please feel free to reach out to me at , our school nurse, Suzanne Roma ( ), our School Psychologist, Jennifer Curry ( and/or our team chair, Jillian Swanson , as well your child's class room teaching teams for support and guidance through this next transition.

ECDC Orientation--Schedule Changes

Given the latest information around COVID spread in our area, and our intention to ensure we are fully open and in person when school starts, we have made some small changes to our ECDC Orientation schedule.

Each Orientation session will now consist of small groups of 5 to 6 students and their parents/guardians. In these smaller groups, teaching teams will have some time to get to know each child, and the rooms will not be overwhelmed with people.

Please check your email for your child's Orientation Group to be sure you come for the correct time!

Here is the adjusted schedule:

September 1st

Group A @10:15 Group B @ 10:45 Group C @11:15

Miss Julie and Miss Jen

Miss Becky

Miss Sarah (MWF AM)

Miss Marylin (MWF AM)

September 1st

Group D @12:45 Group E @ 1:15

Miss Sarah (MWF PM)

Miss Marylin (MWF PM)

September 2nd

Group F @10:15 Group G @10:45 Group H@ 11:15

Miss Elizabeth

Miss Meg

Miss Chris

Miss Sarah ( T/Th)

Miss Marylin ( T/Th)

The playground will be open for families to informally gather; children can play and make connections after orientation.

Google Classroom: Your window into your child's day!

The Franklin Public Schools, including ECDC, uses Google Classroom as our central platform to support student learning and home/school connections.

Each child is given a unique email address that they will begin to use independently in Kindergarten. Here at ECDC we ask that you log into to your child's Classroom and set up an account during the first week of school!

Why should I set up a Google Classroom account?

  • Families will have access to regular updates, including pictures, from your child’s class, the classroom newsletter, the ECDC Newsletter (monthly), resources and enrichment ideas.
  • Google Classroom is set up to support and foster 2 way communication with your child’s teacher. Check in frequently to stay connected!

Remember: GOOGLE CLASSROOM will ONLY work with your child’s email account and NOT ANY OF YOUR EMAIL ACCOUNTS.

If you have any questions or challenges logging in, please contact your child’s classroom teacher or Jennifer Jacobs, our ECDC Digital Learning Specialist at

URGENT: Student Emergency Cards

Student Emergency Cards:

This year we are collecting emergency contact information for all staff and students via Google Forms. Please take the time to complete the School Nurse Emergency Card at this link!

2021-22 ECDC Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

Keeping families and staff safe and healthy, our arrival and dismissal procedures:

  1. Each teacher has an “assigned” arrival and dismissal time (click here to see the schedule)

  2. Please plan on being ready to drop off or pick up your child at your assigned time.

  3. Please stay IN YOUR CAR until you see the sign for your child’s teacher.

  4. If you MISS your time, please remain in your car until all the other classes have entered the building.

ECDC Parent Communication Council (PCC)

Extending Warm Welcomes to ECDC to all of our new families, and Welcome Back to all of our returning families!

My name is Heather Edouard and I will be serving my 2nd, and final, year as Chair of the PCC for ECDC for the upcoming school year. I am a Mother to 3 children, my oldest daughter will be entering HMMS as a 6th grader, my middle daughter (and ECDC Alum) is going into 2nd grade, and my son will be returning to ECDC for his last year of preschool. I am thrilled to meet all of you, and know you will be just as thrilled as I am with this wonderful preschool in our community.

So what is the PCC for our new families???

PCC stands for Parent Community Council, and is just like a PTO/PTA and run by parent volunteers. While last year was unlike any other, we still managed to do great things for our school community. This year, we hope to run a little more normally, but ask for your patience and flexibility as we navigate what we are and are not able to do based on current guidelines. Our PCC is here to support our preschool staff and students throughout the year, running events such as Open House, Fun Fair (end of year...hopefully!), Enrichment Programs, Staff Appreciation etc, and holding various forms of fundraising activities in order to do so. But we can't do anything without the help of our parent community. We hope you will join us this year in whatever capacity you are able. Please be on the lookout for more information coming as we determine how to best proceed this year with meetings, activities and/or fundraisers. Our first meeting will be a "meet & greet" style on September 27th at 7pm. Mark your calendars, and watch your email to receive info as to whether we will meet virtually, in person, or a hybrid combination of both.

I am happy to announce that Lindsey Bisson will be staying on our Board as Secretary, and we welcome Amanda Kucinski on as our new Treasurer. We thank you both for volunteering to help make this year a great success.

The best way to stay informed with all of the happenings with our PCC is to subscribe to receive PCC email updates for 2021-2022! I send out communication every Sunday night/Monday morning with all of your most up to date news and calendar of events so you are always in the know. If you subscribed last year, you are all set! (This is different from Miss Kelty's communications, though she will always have a link to our PCC if you miss it.)

If you are not currently subscribed to the PCC Newsletter, please click this link to sign-up

If you are on Facebook, be sure to join our ECDC PCC Facebook Page and join our community there as well.

Thank you and have a great school year!

Stay well,

Heather, Lindsay, & Amanda

Heather Edouard, PCC Chair

Lindsey Bisson, PCC Secretary

Amanda Kucinski, PCC Treasurer

Notes from Nurse Suzanne

Hello, I’m Suzanne Roma, the School Nurse here at ECDC. I am looking forward to meeting our new families and welcoming back those who were with us last year! Although the year might be looking a bit different, we are absolutely committed to keeping your children feeling safe and loved when they are here in school with us.

Below you will find important information regarding physicals, immunizations, medications and life threatening allergies. If you have any concerns you would like to share or if anything has changed regarding your child’s health, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. You can reach me via email ( or phone (508.541.8166). I will get back to you as soon as I am able.

Student Emergency Cards:

This year we are collecting emergency contact information for all staff and students via Google Forms. Please take the time to complete the School Nurse Emergency Card at this link!


If your child has had a recent physical or immunizations, you can send me a copy via email at: or fax it to: 508.541.8254

Medications/Life Threatening Allergies:

If your child will need to be given medication during the school year, or has a life threatening allergy, please see the Franklin Schools Reopening Website for the required forms to bring to your child’s physician. The forms can be found at the top of the page here: Health Office Information

Volunteering at ECDC

Here at ECDC we have traditionally offered LOTS of ways to have parents and guardians involved our school and in your student's learning. Although we are more open than we were last year, there still may be, at times, Covid restrictions limiting visitors to our building. As always, our school team will find creative ways to maintain opportunities for families to volunteer and be a part of you student's pre-kindergarten experience. Here are some ideas for getting involved!

  • Talk to your teacher about volunteering in the classroom; she will find the "just right" way for you to volunteer that works for her classroom and your child (give us some time this year to figure out just what this can look like).
  • Share a passion, a talent or a tradition with the students at ECDC (this could be done virtually or in person)
  • Consider joining our PCC (Parent Communication Council), our School Council, or attending our Connections for Parents of Children with Special Needs. Even if you are working, we can get creative and find a way for you to be involved!
  • Help with our ECDC Community Garden...We always need help with garden clean up in both the fall and spring and help with the planting as well!

ECDC School Council -- 3 Parent Positions Now Open!

The ECDC School Council is a group of educators and parents who work together with the principal to provide guidance and input into such processes as the development of a School Improvement Plan and the articulation of a school budget.

Over the past 3years we were able to gather input from families, staff and students to help inform the development and adoption of our our ECDC Core Values and Mission.

School Council Meeting Schedule

All meetings will be held virtually or in person at 1:45-2:45

October 18th

November 29th

January 24th

March 21st

May 16th

School Council Members for 20-21 School Year

Elizabeth Reynard (Classroom Teacher)

Linda Cournoyer (Speech/Language Pathologist)

Suzanne Roma (School Nurse)

Kelty Kelley (Principal)

Vacant PARENT positions:

There will be a virtual election for the 3 vacant parent position. I currently have two parents interested in the position. If you are also interested, please email a message of intent to the SC members. Please include a short summary that we will use to let the school community know a bit about you and your interest in joining the committee. All positions run for 2 years,.

ECDC Spirit Wear Available

The ECDC PCC has gone fully digital with our Spirit Wear this year. Looking to sport some ECDC Spirit Wear?!? You can now purchase shirts, sweatshirt, blankets, and even masks with the ECDC Logo here! Items ship directly to you. The store is always open!


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Kelty Kelley, Principal, M.Ed.

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