The Ad Council

About the Ad Council

The Ad Council was born in November 1941. They were originally called The War Advertising Council, but changed their name almost 70 years later. The Ad Council is America's leading producer of public service communications

Timeline of The Ad Council

What does this agency regulate/govern?

It is a organization that is non-profit. It produces, promotes and distributes public service announcements/campaigns from various sponsors that include non-profit organizations and non-governmental organizations.

What it primarily governs

The Ad Council primarily governs the environment. It gives public service announcements. A lot of the campaigns are either Family and Community, Health, or Safety which all have to do with the environment.

Why the agency was formed

It was formed to help improve everyday lives. It inspires engagement in public issues to create a significant difference in society.

What it is responsible for

The Ad Council partners with other non-profit organizations and the federal government to motivate people to make changes in large public issues. To do this they make campaigns about these large issues. They make sure to have their messages reach the widest audience and have the biggest impact

Current Issue

Party Foul| Underage Drinking and Driving Prevention

All 50 states have a National Minimum Drinking Age law. However, teens still continue to do it. When you drink the first thing it throws off is your judgement and skills which may cause you to make you one wrong choice that could leave you with severe consequences. "Almost 1/4 of young drivers involved in fatal traffic crashes had alcohol in their system." Underage Drinking and Driving is the ultimate party foul. Sometimes it may leave you with consequences like bruises, nicknames, embarrassing pictures, or worst of all getting busted. Getting busted could leave you to paying fines,community service, or getting your license taken away. Drivers that are ages 15-20 are in 10% of fatal crashes.
Party Foul | Underage Drinking and Driving Prevention | Ad Council