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Library Classes Use Padlet to Display Learning

When classes schedule to come to the library during the month of October to checkout books, they'll also be going on a Scavenger Hunt through the media center. Our goal is to help them feel comfortable and confident as seekers of knowledge. Once they find the title or resource, they will be shown how to use the Padlet app to display images of their resource for the class to see.

Padlet is a user friendly digital bulletin board. If this sounds like something you want to know more about, just ask us for ideas and we'll help you get started!

Friendly Reminders from your Friendly Librarians

*We ask that subs do not to bring classes to the library or computer labs. We had several incidences of inappropriate behavior in the media center and computer vandalism in the labs while classes were with subs.

*Please remind kids to get their books turned in on time. We're already starting to see those fines accrue. Students cannot checkout new books with a fine on their account.

*If there is an issue with a laptop computer from a cart or lab computer, please notify the media center so we can place the BOLT ticket ASAP.