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-Issue 2 - September 14, 2015

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Reader's and Writer's Workshop

We have spent the last two weeks in our classroom setting up the routines for reader's and writer's workshop. The structure of these classes is that I teach for a short time, students have a lot of time to practice individually while I work one on one and with small groups and then we come back to share and reflect in the end.

In reading, we have spent a lot of time building our reading stamina - this means that we are building our reading muscles so that we consistently read and engage with a book for a minimum of twenty minutes. We started at 2 minutes and our latest attempt was at 18!

We've also spent lots of time talking about how to choose books that are just right for us. In order for students to be successful readers, they need to read and finish tons of books. However, these books need to be books we enjoy, and that are at an appropriate reading level for each individual. Please challenge your child to convince you that their book is just right for them, ensuring that reading is not about reading the words right and sounding good, but understanding what you are reading!

Students have begun reading lists at school where they are asked to record all books they finish or abandon during our reader's workshop time.

In writer's workshops, we have begun to use our notebooks as tools to build ideas and practice our skills as writers. This group has amazing writing stamina and I can't wait to see what comes out of their notebooks in the coming weeks!

SO ... How was school today? What did you learn?

This week, ask your child about ...

- How do we know if a book is "just right" for us

- The Toothpaste activity

- Our classroom jobs

- Their first entry in our writer's notebooks

- What is a heart map?

- Our class read aloud book, "The One & Only Ivan"

- When is it ok to abandon a book?

Upcoming Dates

This Week:

September 14 - Deer Park Cross Country Meet in Yorkton (Depart at 9:30 AM)

September 15 - International Dot Day - Wear polka dots if you have!

September 17 & 18 - Mrs. F Away at Training

September 18 - Picture Day!

Scholastic Book Orders will be sent home - Due next Monday, September 21

Interesting Link - Class Math Videos

As a part of my math instruction this year, I will be creating math videos for the students to watch and engage with. This in no means replaces me in the classroom, but it allows me to in essence be "in two places at once." While one group is watching a video, I will work with another, and then they will come to me so we can reflect on and extend what was taught in the video.

All of these videos will be posted on our class website for students and yourselves to view. So, if you are interested in what we are learning, or how we are teaching a certain concept, head on over to our website ( On the left hand side click on Math -- Math Videos -- then Grade 3 or Grade 4 and you should locate the videos.