Callie Chaney (Me)

A very anti-social person... :3

About Me

Something you may not know about me is that I’m very anti-social and I don’t talk much. I’m a major gamer and I love the games on the website

So, if you want to contact me go to and in the people search type wendy666666 and private message me or email me at

My favorite school subject is math, and my favorite class is computers. One of my favorite foods is my school’s crispy baked chicken legs.

I love to sing quietly to myself, and I’m in girl scouts. I also have a brother, his name is Scott Henry Chaney Jr. He’s a jerk. My parents are Valerie Chaney and Scott Chaney Sr.

My mom Valerie can be contacted by email at My dad Scott can be contacted by email at

Ok, now for my friends… Alexis Carver, Paige Dunley, Alyssa Harmon, Eden Craig, Zoe Shriner, Mr. Novak, Mr. Watson, Ms. Cleveland, Ms. Zornes, Ms. Antonides, Dr. Kilgore, Aubree Colins, Hannah Pour, Ms. Dobson, Ms. Miller, Ms. Farley, Ms. Walts, Bobbi Posey, and Gwen Miller.

Now for hobbies! I like to read, draw, do art, game, and watch television. I also like playing Roblox and playing on the computer.

I’m a blonde, have aqua eyes, wear glasses, and I’m a mosquito magnet… I like creepy things like zombies, vampires, witches, and skeletons.

The End!



Contact me on the website shown below please...

My username is wendy666666...


PRIVATE MESSAGE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!