19th Ed. and 1st edition in 2021

January 22, 2021

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Predicting Future Enrollment


Each January, international school directors all over the world must predict school enrollment for the coming year in order to determine the number of faculty and materials required and plan their school budgets. I am peering into the crystal ball now to try to see the future!

I ask your assistance to help predict this as accurately as possible. Kindly complete the 1-minute survey at link:

Dear Parents, Teachers, and Staff

As we head back to school and continue Semester two, the Board, Leadership and Finance Team will continue to meet to review school policies as well as financial planning and update where necessary. Our goal continues to be to ensure that AISB remains an outstanding educational institution with a focus on community and character values and a sustainable long-term financial operating plan.

We encourage you to share information about AISB with your friends, neighbors, contacts and associates. We hope that families who are new to The Congo choose AISB and would love to welcome new students from families who already live here, especially in our successfully expanding school program.

Thank you as always to the parents for your participation, guidance and support and to the AISB teachers and staff who are so committed to our students and to helping them excel. We look forward to a fabulous new year for the AISB community!


Dr. Laura Viban

Ed.D in Educational Leadership & Management


Moving on to Second Semester!

The 2nd Quarter and 1st Semester at AISB will end on Friday January 29. This means the following:

  • Teachers are now wrapping up with assessments and report cards to be out soon. Parents whose students have missing assignments have been given a chance and reminded to submit all pending work.

  • The 3rd Quarter and 2nd Semester will be begin on February 1, 2021.

  • Secondary students will experience a change in some elective courses. Middle School Art and Technology classes will become Music and High School Music and Drama classes will switch to Art and Technology. A student list for these classes will be shared with them soon. Students in the Chinese, Spanish and ELL Support Programs will continue till the end of the year.

For parents, this means the deadline for second semester tuition is here. Any student with tuition balances should according to our tuition policy not attend classes as from February 1. Late payment penalty will henceforth be implemented at this time. We hope that you will ensure your child's education is uninterrupted by meeting up with your financial obligations.

AISB's Effort to Support Students at Risk of Failing

Every teacher in elementary and secondary school has been required to conduct diagnostic tests to our students. The results of these tests will enable us streamline and support some of our students that are at risk of failing and could potentially be retained in their current grade levels.

We will identify students in need of support and provide a variety of ways to remediate such as providing after school support, preparing work packets to be done at home and during holiday periods, etc. We will need your collaboration to implement this program to further support your children, our students. This will begin as soon as all diagnostic tests are made available.

Coming Up! Spring Break/ Elections- Plan Accordingly!

Our Spring Break coincides with Congo Elections. AISB plans proactively to avoid missing instructional days in situations that could be averted. Consequently, the Spring break scheduled for March 13-21, has been extended March 28. This change will have the following implications:

  • The Spring break will be extended by a week.

  • AISB will make up for the extended week by having 3 full Wednesdays and 1 full Saturday School in February (dates to be announced soon).

  • This should give 5 instructional days to enable us extend the Spring break without altering the calendar.

  • School will resume on March 29.

  • Please plan accordingly.

Stay Abreast with COVID-19 Information

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Click Here for an Overview, Data Table and Explore

AISB Protocols Continue

AISB requires all staff and parents to comply with our COVID Mitigation Protocols to keep our community risk as low as possible. This includes quarantine when you or a family member tests positive. In addition, the consistent use of masks, sanitizing and social distancing measures will be enforced at school.

We understand that at some point, an AISB community member will contract COVID. We hope that these measures will help minimize transmission to other AISB students and staff to the greatest extent possible.


  • Your child must have a face mask on at all times when on campus.
  • S/he must bring an extra mask in a plastic bag as a back up.
  • Students or staff who refuse to wear a mask will be barred from entry.


  • No food sharing is permitted at this time.
  • Send your child with a healthy snack and lunch or pay for school lunch along with a filled, reusable water bottle.
  • No sodas or fizzy drinks should be sent, and fruits should be sent rather than cookies, cakes or candy/chocolate bars.

Suspected / Confirmed Case at AISB

If your child exhibits COVID symptoms during the school day, s/he will be isolated immediately and you will be called to collect her/him. Ensure we have your current working phone number.

If you or any household staff or family member shows COVID symptoms or is confirmed to have COVID -- KEEP YOUR CHILD(REN) AT HOME and inform the Director. Close contacts of a confirmed case will be asked to quarantine and attend school online via Zoom. or Google Meet.

If your child shows symptoms or is confirmed to have COVID, immediately inform the Director so we can instruct his/her class to quarantine and move to online learning while we conduct contact tracing to identify Close Contacts.

AISB Dismissal Security Procedures

1. AISB Faculty and Security Staff oversee students and dismissal until all students are collected. Students not collected by 3:30 p.m. will be handed over to the Director / office staff.

2. AISB students are only allowed to depart campus with the persons who are named/registered with AISB for pick up, including:

  • the parent/guardian;
  • a family driver/nanny who has been registered with AISB;
  • hired transport company staff who have been registered with AISB.

3. For the safety of your child(ren), we do NOT allow any student to leave:

  • alone;
  • with a friend/classmate;
  • with the parent/driver of a friend or classmate;
  • in a hailed taxi cab / minibus....
Unless you have given permission in advance and in writing. A note, email or message is sufficient and should be sent in the morning (for one-time events) or kept on file (for general permission).

4. Let us know who can collect your child:

  • Email the Director the names and photos of any drivers other than parents/guardians who may collect your children;
  • If using a regular hired taxi, email the Director the license plate number of the vehicle that will be used and send a photo of the taxi driver.
  • Email the Director if you wish to allow your child to depart with the parent/guardian of another child.
  • Email the Director if you wish to allow your high school child(ren) to depart campus unaccompanied.

And always state whether the permission is granted for only one specific date or for any date during the school year.

Learning also Continues

Faculty are ready to offer both Zoom/Google Meet and live lessons simultaneously while students quarantine. This should continue through January but will not be sustainable long term since teaching in person and online simultaneously quickly leads to stress overload.

You can Liaise with the homeroom teachers for any support materials.

Pre-schoolers PE Class: Happy to be Back Again on Campus

Let's stay safe so these little ones can continue running and playing together again.
Pre-K 3 & 4 PE Class with Ms. Feret & Mr. Betrand

Pre-K Online Learning Was Fun Too!!!!! Though More Challenging

Entrepreneurship Begins Here!

Grade 2 & 3 Students Back on Campus Learning Hard. Each group thought of a business to start. They created an advertisement promoting that business.
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Place Value Chart Project & The Native Peoples of North America- Grade 4 & 5

4th and 5th graders had a Math project and have been doing research on the Native Americans. Below are some of the few samples that were presented in Class.
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Secondary Science Class Before the Break

Biology class learning how to independently make and use properly prepared stained slides and to diagram the results under the microscopes
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Resources for Martin Luther King Day

AISB celebrates Martin Luther King Day, which is a federal holiday held on the third Monday of January in the US. This year, It was last Monday January 18. This day celebrates the life and achievements of Martin Luther King Jr., an influential American civil rights leader. He is most well-known for his campaigns to end racial segregation on public transport and for racial equality in the United States.

Since we could not carry out the activities meant to celebrate this day in an all-school assembly, I am sharing these resources for everyone to explore and learn more about the ideals MLK stood for then, that still hold true today.

Stevie Wonder "Happy Birthday" with lyrics

I am Martin Luther King Jr.

A very child- appropriate book of MLK's life
I Am Martin Luther King Jr by Brad Meltzer| Books Read Aloud| StoryTimeWithMsMelange

Be a King

Video read-aloud of an inspiring picture book.
Be a King Read Aloud

Video Biographies

Great documentary for K-4
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.: A Leader and a Hero

Martin Luther King Jr. for Kids/A Documentary

Good information fr kids about his monumental impact.
Martin Luther King Jr for Kids | A documentary for kids about his monumental impact

The Life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

(Animated) Black History Month Video.
The Life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. - MLK Day! (Animated) Black History Month Video

Interviews of MLK for Young Adults & Parents

Meet the Press interview: March 28, 1976.
September 27, 1966: MLK-A riot is the language of the unheard

Speech to Students: Glenville HS- April 26, 1967

"Rise-up and Say, I'm Somebody!" Message to Students.
Martin Luther King Speaks! "Rise Up and Say, I am Somebody!" Message to Students

AISB Lunch Menu

Here is the menu for January 19-29.
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Whole-School Campus Learning- January 25, 2021!

Have a pleasant weekend!


Dr. Laura Viban

Ed.D in Educational Leadership & Management


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