Transition Meeting

Welcoming Kim to Kindergarten!

The Big Day is coming soon!

This friendly flyer will help calm the nerves you (as well as many other parents) may face before the big transition into kindergarten. Please be advised that although not all your questions may be answered, we encourage you to feel free to contact us at the school for questions more specific to your child.

Transition Meeting - Kim

Friday, Feb. 19th 2016 at 9:30am

3365 Spruce Avenue

Burlington, ON

Street Parking is permitted. Please check in with the office for a visitor's badge and directions to your meeting location.


9:30 - Introductions, Why are we here?

9:40 - All about Kim

9:45 - The typical day in kindergarten

9:50 - Skills and Knowledge (to have, to be acquired)

10:05 - Tour the school, meet key members of staff

10:15 - Questions, concerns, what are you thinking?

10:25 - How to keep in touch, parent correspondance

What can you bring with you?


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