Teach Like a Pirate

J.R. Irvin Elementary Weekly Staff Newsletter - vol 16

Mission Statement

We value every student, creating an environment for all to be successful!

TLAP Quote of the Week

"The great end of life is not knowledge but action." Thomas Henry Huxley

P is for Pirate

Dave and Shelly Burgess wrote a book which is the Inspirational ABC's for Educators. Every week I will include a snippet from the book.


The brain needs oxygen to function best. Designing more opportunities for movement, in and out of the classroom, is a surefire way to increase blood flow, promote health, and provide powerful learning experiences.

Kinesthetic activities help create connections in developing minds and allow student to process information in a whole new way. Let kids jump-literally-into learning!

Burgess, D. & S. Teach Like a Pirate. (2014). Dave Burgess Consulting. CA: San Diego.

Teacher of the Week~Pollard

Howdy Everyone!

My name is Jonathon. I have been teaching for what now is my 7th year. We moved to Texas from Michigan in 2006. I finished my teaching degree at UTA and began teaching in 2009 here in Midlothian. All of which, has been at J.R. Irvin. This is my first year in 3rd grade and I have been loving it so far. This past school year, I attended UNT to complete my Master’s Degree in Administration. I finished this past week with my Internship and just “walked” last Friday. I have an AMAZING wife. Her name is Lindsey and 3 little CRAZY boys. Landon (6) is here in Kindergarten this year. God Bless Christine!! :0) Next, is Colton (2). As you can see in the picture…he is the trouble one. Cute he may be, but man…what a handful. Lastly, Grayson (10 months) is our little bundle of joy. I have loved working here and spending time with my family. I love to play soccer and as you probably have been able to tell…LOVE this time of the year. I hope to soon pursue an Assistant Principal job somewhere. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas Break! C-Ya Next Year!!

Please remember to email your grade level meeting notes to Shannon and Stacee.

Upcoming Dates

  • 1/4 Relevant Review Staff Development 8:30-3:30 at FSMS
  • 1/5 Staff Development at Irvin ~8:00-3:30 (Breakfast at 8:00)
  • 1/6 Students return
  • 1/6 ISIP Opens
  • 1/7 Read in the New Year
  • 1/7 3:00 Kinder and 1st meet with Noe and Jana about gradebook changes
  • 1/8 Spelling Bee 4th and 5th Grades
  • 1/8 2nd 9 weeks newsletter article due to Thompson

  • 1/11 Writing Benchmark Window Opens
  • 1/12 Vertical Committees ELAR/Math 3:15pm
  • 1/15 2nd 9 Weeks Ends
  • 1/19 3:15 Meet with Dr. Ledbetter
  • 1/15 ISIP Window Closes

  • 1/18 Comp Day
  • 1/19 SATS
  • 1/20 Writing Benchmark Window Closes

December/January Teacher Birthdays

December 7: Fleeman

December 20: Dobbins

December 28th: Smitherman

December 30: Dunegan

December 31: Garippa

January 2nd:Erin Roberts

January 9th: Jeanne Ray

January 24th:Dora Rodriguez

January 31st: Tammy Harkrider

Strategic Planning

Check out the district website for the link to the strategic planning process that is occurring in our district now.

The board developed a new vision statement and then the strategic 30 last Thursday and Friday developed a new mission along with belief statements. The next step is action committees that will develop plans under specific objectives.

Link: http://www.midlothian-isd.net/strategicplan/index.html