Merchants/ Artisans


Artisan/Craftsman- very creative person. Artisans either worked for themselves and had their own business or they worked for somebody else. During the dark ages there was almost no art.

English Longbows

English Longbows, or also commonly known as "D" bows were most commonly used during the Middle Ages. English longbows are typically 72" and have a draw weight of 45 lbs at 28" English longbows are traditionally made of Yew wood and the string would be made of hemp or linen.


A merchant is basically a person that buys and sells goods or traffics goods. Merchants would sell their goods via shops, markets, and fairs. Merchants would go to town that were as self sufficient as possible and they would trade in the more exotic, unusual and expensive items.


Money was all coins, gold, silver, copper. Coins had different values, much like today, gold being the most valuable, followed by silver and copper. Paper money was still unknown of at the time.