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Credit options

What is credit

Credit is a process in witch you or others can loan/burrow money between one another credit does not have to be over money some credit debt are under bargain on companies it is very important to have a good credit score to keep a well credit score or companies or others will not trust you with there money

How to stop bad credit

There are many ways to get bad credit

1:not paying your bills on time

2:do not pay bills on full credit at the end of the month

3:avoid getting bankrupt

What's a credit score

A credit score is your worthyness of a loan or payment rate by a numerical order

Well good avrage bad credit scores

Credit scores go by





How to improve a credit score

1checking credit report

2:setup payment reminders

3:reduce amount of debt you have


To maintain a good credit score you must

1:pay your bills on time

2: keep credit card balance low

3:manga your debt