Body electronics 2017

with Peter Aziz

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Removing all inner causes of obstacles

The combination of healing systems used in the Ultimate Healing Intensive produces an incredible tool for removing the blocks to anything you want, be it health, wealth, love, spiritual power etc. The synergy of these systems can remove all inner causes of problems, and totally heal physical conditions. Function is restored to organs, cysts and growths dissolve, and nerve pathways are restored to paralysed areas of the body. Furthermore, the inner transformation occurs at a very deep level, producing miraculous changes in the lives of participants.

There are many reasons for taking this course. Some people take it to improve the healing they give to others, some to heal themselves of difficult ailments, some to accelerate their spiritual development, and others because they need a positive change in their lives. Some come back just for the wonderful boost it gives them on all levels.

Structure of the Intensive ( June 13-24 2017)

The course is practised in a two-week intensive, 13-24 june, involving 6 days of Body Electronics (focusing on the glandular system and the spine), then 6 days of Cranial.

Body Electronics is the primary technique which is taught and practiced daily by participants in small groups or pairs. In the first week we focus on releasing the emotional blockages held in the glandular system and then working on the spine – clearing each vertebra of calcifications and its corresponding thought patterns and emotions, creating a free channel for the kundalini energy to flow. In the second week we work on the cranium (skull).

Each day starts with a talk where I gradually introduce the different elements of the Body Electronics healing system and the nature of creation, experience and discreation. Details of this can be found in my Ultimate Healing Handbook Part 1 which you can download here free. Practical exercises and magickal transmissions to enhance the healing potential may also be given at this time.

At the beginning of the week I will give each participant an eye-reading (an integral part of Body Electronics) to ascertain the primary organs and issues needing healing and will put people together in groups for the bodywork sessions. The sessions involve holding specific points on the body (through clothes) to generate a powerful flow of healing kundalini (often experienced as a burning sensation in the fingertips of the giver) together with visualisation techniques and sometimes mantras. We will progressively work through the glandular system, clearing blocks and bringing healing to the organs and their associated emotions and issues.

This work is now more powerful than ever due to magickal healing transmissions given throughout the course which allow participants to channel spiritual energies that greatly speed up and ease the release of conditioning from all levels of their being.

Guaranteed to be transformational

Cost per week

Cost per week – all inclusive
€ 700,- raw organic foods, tea and accommodation included
( € 335,- to pay in advance to reserve your spot)

Cost for two weeks: € 1234,- all included

( € 569,- to pay in advance to reserve your spot)

Accommodation: You can choose to have a bed in a shared 6-person room or bring your camping gear and use the campsite.

Costs if you arrange your own accommodation:
1 week €550, 2 weeks €999 – organic foods and drinks included
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Tuesday, June 13th, 10am to Saturday, June 24th, 5pm

166 Hoofdweg


Both workshops will be held at T Land van Yemaya, Hoofdweg 166, 9695AS Bellingwolde, The Netherlands

Nutritional Preparation for the Intensive

Throughout the intensive we will be taking enzymes and minerals which greatly enhance the efficacy of the Body Electronics healing. We are using body electricity and for this to flow effectively there needs to be a good supply of ions (provided by the minerals). These ions are used up during the healing and need to be regularly replenished. Similarly enzyme supplements are used as catalysts for change in the body. You are also highly recommended to eat a substantially raw diet during the course.

Please Contact me for advice on suppliers of high quality mineral and enzyme supplements.

In order to obtain maximum benefit from this course, you are highly recommended to start a raw diet and take supplements for a month prior to the course. If this is not practical for you, please do for as long as you can – even a few days will be of benefit. During this time, please also stop or cut down on your consumption of sugar, refined foods, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs. Please also drink plenty of water.


I have dedicated my life to bringing the ancient wisdom to the public, to help all spiritual seekers to further themselves, and to healing the impossible. I run workshops on healing, magick and Shamanism, where I initiate my students into these powerful traditions. In my healing practice, I combine many of these techniques, specializing in the most difficult cases that have not been able to find relief anywhere else. I often use magickal tools in this work, such as livewood wands with tree spirits in, mustika pearls that grew within sacred animals, and some objects manifested directly from other Worlds. I also do distant healing for those who live far away.

I work with a variety of problems; physical illnesses, emotional problems and metaphysical problems, such as curses, demonic possessions and bad luck. Some clients don’t have any problems, but just want to increase their psycho-spiritual development, have better intuition or a closer connection to the creator.

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Here you can listen to Peter’s Day 1 talk from the 2015 summer course: