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Campus Climate

Please be on the look out for the campus climate survey. Also, be sure that you do not share your link as this has been a problem in the past. Thank you in advance for taking the time to fill out the survey to reflect the work that we do at Silberstein. Please remember that "neutral" is not viewed as a positive remark so if you feel positive about something please let your answers reflect your thinking :-)

I am hoping that 100% of professional and support staff complete the survey. The core beliefs and the schools action steps (priorities) are below for your convenience.

District-wide climate survey seeks input from campus-based staff.
Dallas ISD professional and support staff assigned to campuses are encouraged to provide input to the district by participating in the annual district-wide climate survey scheduled Dec. 1 through 12. District leaders will use the survey results to improve the organization, gain integral feedback from school-based employees, and align systems to student outcomes.

To ensure confidentiality, the survey will be administered by an external organization, the Public Policy Research Institute (PPRI) at Texas A&M University. No employee ID number or other identifying information will be requested.

The email will have in the subject line Dr. Kirby Goidel Dallas ISD Climate Survey. I just received mine this after-noon. YOu should get yours soon.


· Our main purpose is to improve student academic achievement.

· Effective instruction makes the most difference in student academic performance.

· There is no excuse for poor quality instruction.

· With our help, at risk students will achieve at the same rate as non-at risk students.

· Staff members must have a commitment to children and a commitment to the pursuit of excellence.

School Priorities

Action Steps (School Priorities):

· 100% of the Silberstein Faculty and Staff will know and support the campus vision that 100% of our scholars will achieve at 80% mastery and how this belief aligns with the District's core beliefs in an effort to improve student academic performance.

· Silberstein Teachers will strengthen curriculum alignment through the use of data driven instruction in order to improve student academic achievement.

· Teachers will utilize data to plan and implement good first quality instruction, reteach lessons, RtI and small group.

· The leadership team will strengthen the culture of continuous improvement through effective monitoring and accountability systems.

· Based on the climate survey 85% of faculty and staff will show that they have opportunities to build leadership.

Silberstein Elementary

100% of students will achieve at 80% or above.

100% of students will read at or above reading level by 3rd grade.