How Texting Impacts us Today

By Paige Kolk and Griffin Parker

Cons about Texting

People who have grown up with texting and other features sometimes leads to having trouble speaking and cant explain things easily, where as people who have not had texting as much means that they may have more trouble communicating.Phones and texting are starting to take over our daily life with games, music, texting and many more different kinds of entertainment. People who are over texter's can have repetitive-strain injuries to their wrists or fingers.

The First Text Message

December 3rd 1992 Neil Papworth sent a message reading "Merry Christmas" from his computer to a mans phone named Richard Jarvis. Around a year later Nokia released the first commercially available phone with did include text messaging as a feature. Americans sent an average of 0.4 texts per month. In 2011 Americans sent an average of 357 text messages. In 2007 is when text messages first outnumbered phone calls.

Text Slang Inside of the Classroom

A teacher with 10 years of in-class experience, says.

"Even in E-mails to teachers or [on] writing assignments, any word longer than one syllable is now abbreviated to one."

"They do not capitalize words or use punctuation anymore,"

Periodic Table of Texting

As you saw in class we decided we wanted to bring back the periodic table of texting. When you were using this table in class I noticed that people tried to find the most elaborate text slang they could find.SLAP- means seems like a plan. Most people would not know what this means at first glance. I put the table in here to represent how confusing a text message could be if you are not too used to seeing text messages like this

Most everyone with a phone goes through a phase I like to call text talk. Text Talk is when people use the text slang in real life conversations. For example my brother at eight years old just recently stopped with the text talk. He would always say "Paige, I am just J-K-ing" .

It always drives me crazy when someone reply's with the letter "K" in a text message. There is no point in sending a text if you are not going to really communicate. If you are sending "K" some tips are to actually communicate or say " "bye". "K" can be a good way to stop the person you are texting from replying.People do not know how to answer back from the letter "K". It will put them in a state of confusion and sometimes dissapiontment that you do not answer back to thier text in a nicer way.

Quick Facts about Texting

SMS (Short Messaging Service) was developed in the United Kingdom in the late 1980s. Trillions of text messages are now sent each year. Popular wireless companies report that people do more texting than talking on their cell phones.


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