Porter Traditional school Elijah Z

why porter is a school of excellence

star quality

The star quality plays a big role at Porter. The way you earn a star quality is if you show respect, responsiblty, courage, perservance, and a sense of humor to others. The star quality helps children learn that when you do good things you earn a reward, no other middle school has the star quality because Porter is a traditional school and does its best to provide a great future for their students and wants to make them a better citizen.


The education at porter is extremly good. They provide Spanish, algebra, civics, and science. The teachers will do their best to help you with a subject you need help with and will stay after school just to work with you. Many students who have attended Porter go on to do well in high schools and have great work ethics. Justin Yum a student that attended Porter, now has the highest GPA at his school thomas jeffreson, the top high school in the nation, all thanks to Porter. Not alot of schools offer the classes provided at Porter because Porter is a school of excellence and does its best to provide the highest classes to all the brillant students at porter. There has only been 1 fight at porter, which relating to other middle schools there are several fights per year, which makes porter a safe learning enviroment


Porter is a bully free school, Porter accepts no bullying if you bully any student it is a automatic referral. At Porter there has no bullying at this school ever since it was open, which makes Porter a excellent safe learning enviroment. At other schools they do not have bully free school which makes Porter the top middle school in va for education, bullying, and respect.


As an overall school i would recomend any student to Porter because the education is great, it is a safe learning enviroment, has been school of excellence for 7 years, and has the best teachers and staff to provide. My experience at Porter has been great because the teachers actually want you to do good and encourage you to do your best. Porter is a grrat school, also Porter is a family school. Porter has a creed which is below.

Porter Creed

Porter Traditional School is a safe, friendly,
and caring community where learning is active and exciting.
We, the Porter staff, are enthusiastic, professional, caring and committed to working together to provide the best learning experience
for our school community.
I am a member of the Porter family.
I am an intelligent, responsible and hard-working active learner.
At Porter, our learning never ends.