The Watauga River Basin

By: Matthew McLaurin


Headwaters and Mouth

The Headwaters of The Watauga River are located just below the Boone Lake in Tennessee. The Mouth of the river is located by Grandfather Mountain State Park.

Map of the Watauga river basin

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Pollution Sources

Non-point Pollution

One source of non-point pollution is local Christmas tree farming that uses powerful herbicides and pesticides. A way to stop this pollution is to use Eco-friendly or biodegradable herbicides and pesticides.

Point Pollution

Over all the Watauga River Basin has been classified as High-Quality Waters. This river basin doesn't have really any point pollution source at all.

About the Watauga River Basin

The Watauga river basin is made up of 279 miles of streams and rivers. There are many people that live in the Watauga river basin area. In total there are 25,329 people living in the Watauga river basin area. There are many different interesting places and important land forms in this water basin, some examples are:

1) Located in the southwest corner of the basin there's a mountain known as Roan Mountain, this mountain contains many rare communities such as bogs and wetlands.

2) One of the most beautiful places along the Watauga River is the Watauga River Gorge which is where the river drops sharply upon entering Tennessee. This spot is also very popular for white water rafting.

3) Located on Grandfather Mountain there is a forest which is almost entirely made up of the globally endangered Spruce-fir tree species.



Plant Life in the Watauga river basin

Animal Life In The Watauga River Basin

Aquatic Life In The Watauga River Basin