Dwight D. Eisenhower

Election of Eisenhower

  • From Republican Party
  • President from 1952-1960
  • Running mate= Nixon
  • Nixon= rough campaigner
  • Nixon gave sorry speech called Checker's Speech
  • Eisenhower embraced the television, being filmed
  • Eisenhower won without a doubt
  • He was popular with people
  • Personal will go to Korea and end war

The Cold War

  • What is the Cold War: intense economic, political, military, and ideological rivalry between nations, short of military conflict; sustained hostilepolitical policies and an atmosphere of strain between opposed countries.
  • Suez Crisis
  • Eisenhower Doctrine= Middle East is Cold War battlefield

Joseph McCarthy

  • Anti-communist Senator
  • February 1950; Speech given; McCarthy accused Secretary of State Dean Acheson employing 205 Communist party members
  • Senator Joseph McCarthy later said only 57 Communist employees
  • Never found single one
  • Attacked the US Army
  • Senate condemned for "conduct unbecoming a member"

Desegregation of the South

  • 20% blacks registered to vote
  • 5% registered in Deep South states
  • Sweatt vs. Painter= separate schools for blacks failed to meet the test of equality
  • 1955 Rosa Parks sat in "white's only" spot and refused to give it up
  • Montgomery bus boycott with Martin Luther King Jr.
  • September 1957 Arkansas governor put National Guard in front of Little Rock's Central High School stop 9 black kids
  • Congress passed Civil Rights Act first since Reconstruction
  • 1960 "sit-in" movement= 4 black college kids sat in "white's only" at restaurant

Eisenhower Republicanism Policies

  • Dynamic Conservation
  • Supported transfer of control of offshore oil fields from federal to states
  • Stop the TVA; encourage private power company to build generating plant
  • Rounded up illegal immigrants
  • Cancel tribal preservation policies of "Indian New Deal"

Vietnam War

  • Vice President Nixon favored intervention with American bombers bail out French
  • Promised economic and military aid Diem regime
  • Americans backed the losing end but kept fighting

Space Race

  • Soviets launch Sputnik (artificial satellite)
  • Creation of NASA
  • Fear of Soviets could reach American with missiles
  • 1957 American put satellite up
  • America tested down ICBMs