Government Presentation

Zehr and Josh

-They wouldn't let us record or take pictures while we were there-


Homelessness is one of the biggest problems in Asheville. It most commonly effects veterans, single mothers escaping domestic violence, single mothers in general, and children. 37-50 percent are veterans. 11-13 percent are children. Homeward bound is one of the more popular homeless shelters. They help those in crisis by providing meals, housing, and support.

Driving Questions

  • What paths lead to homelessness?
  • Why are cities not providing more shelters with tax dollars?
  • Do cities understand the seriousness of the problem?
  • What is the face of homelessness in Asheville/ Buncombe county?
  • How many beds are available in AVL per night? Per year?
  • What do they provide at homeless shelters?
  • Do restaurants and fast food places donate their food to shelters?
  • Is ending homelessness really possible?

Is ending it possible?

Is ending homelessness even possible? Yes, it is. Communities investing in prevention is an answer. If the community would stop putting as much money into more car washes, more hotels, and more parking decks, then homelessness would be significantly less than it currently is.

Inside the homeless shelter

There are many reasons people end up in homeless shelters. Four of the main ones are metals illness, death of a family member, loss of job, and medical emergencies. In an average homeless shelter they provides 63 spaces along with meals, and support. Homeward bound doesn't provide any beds because it is a day shelter. The shelter with the most beds is ABCCM with 246.

Homeless Shelters

Homeward Bound
Program Ahope
Western Carolina Rescue Ministries
Trinity Place Runaway Shelter
The Haywood Street Congregation
Asheville Homeless Initiative
Haywood Pathways Center

ABCCM veterans reiteration quarters


The main possible solution would be to put a little less money into tourism, and more money into the local community, specifically the homeless. Examples of where cuts could be made would be things like extra parking garages, hotels, and other similar things. Another thing that would help, but may not be a solution, would be to raise awareness of the problem. It might not solve the problem but it would educate more people, making them more likely to provide support and assistance, making it a step in the right direction.